[Ibogaine] No more chains

Aimee Forrester aim_jf at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 6 18:48:56 EDT 2006

I agree Chris!!!

Here is an attachment that I have got from Mother Teresa... similar to what 
you were saying, it is a Peace Prayer asked that it be used around the world 
for one minute, vocally or mediataively; at noon local time. A chain of 
prayer would thus be set up, activated at each of the twenty - four hours of 
the day. Or, use it whenver at your will. I love using it....! A collective 
number of people all using at once...ahhhh!!

Check it out anyway....

Love and Light,


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>Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 20:30:20 +0100
>good luck to you all - things will change in the world as soon as we focus 
>our thought intention and tune into a positive loving vibration - nothing 
>exists outside of our collective thoughts -
>Try spending maybe 5 mins each day sending out pure thoughts of love and 
>light and connect with the all that is
>Much Love
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>>Let me introduce Stephen, a 37 year old male who WAS addicted to 600 to 
>>800mg of
>>morphine a day (a lota lota morphine) + Alchohol aaaand 6 rivies a day 
>>(strong Benzo's).
>>Stephen was treated 2 weeks ago. Did a lot of vomiting (green liqued bile) 
>>aaand shitting.
>>Just spoke to him now and he sounds really good,..voice is strong,..sounds 
>>lighter and
>>stronger. He is loving music and has hope again,..he has come alive,though 
>>still shitting,..lmao,
>>ahhh ha ha hah haaa ha
>>Very cool Stephen.
>>Stephen had me worried for a while there,..for the first 2 days. WOW this 
>>Ibogaine is like,...
>>WOW,..no words to describe it.
>>I am very thankfull for the support around the world from the experienced 
>>providers that
>>also helped,..you know who you are,..E , H and S. ha ha haa
>>Stephen is is down to 1/2 a sleeper a day. No cravings for Morphine or 
>>alcohol. Yeahhh
>>go Stephen baby.
>>Your a very cool intelligent guy Stephen. Keep on.
>>                                                                   love,
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