[Ibogaine] No more chains

Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Tue Jun 6 02:36:03 EDT 2006


 Let me introduce Stephen, a 37 year old male who WAS addicted to 600 to 
800mg of
 morphine a day (a lota lota morphine) + Alchohol aaaand 6 rivies a day 
(strong Benzo's).

 Stephen was treated 2 weeks ago. Did a lot of vomiting (green liqued bile) 
aaand shitting.
 Just spoke to him now and he sounds really good,..voice is strong,..sounds 
lighter and
 stronger. He is loving music and has hope again,..he has come alive,though 
still shitting,..lmao,
 ahhh ha ha hah haaa ha

 Very cool Stephen.

Stephen had me worried for a while there,..for the first 2 days. WOW this 
Ibogaine is like,...
WOW,..no words to describe it.

I am very thankfull for the support around the world from the experienced 
providers that
also helped,..you know who you are,..E , H and S. ha ha haa

Stephen is is down to 1/2 a sleeper a day. No cravings for Morphine or 
alcohol. Yeahhh
go Stephen baby.

Your a very cool intelligent guy Stephen. Keep on.


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