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Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
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 Hey Randy,

 So,...how was the camping trip?
 I am back in the land of OZ .

 Did you talk to a coyote....

                love you Randy.
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    So Randy,..when you coming over to the land of Oz. We could follow the

    Rabbit down the rabbit hole.



    Jasen, If I had the cash I would be over there today my brother. Sounds like you are pretty busy. You are the man. Today though I'm starting a camping trip with my son. We are going to have sooooooooo much fun. Shame we can't take a few guns and target shoot while we are gone. The laws are all different in all the different states so that is out but maybe we can find a good pellet gun cheap. Guitar lessons under the stars, and I plan on trying to get a coyote to talk to me using a harmonica. We'll think of some other stuff to do. He is 21 though I may bore him to death......................LOL . I still feel 21 myself sometimes.                Love and campfires       Randy 

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