[Ibogaine] Ibogaine fatality paper

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Nick, i would fully subscribe to what you are suggesting here, if anything 
my experience over the last three years and longer has been as you are 
suggesting, and the whole dynamic field opens up. Human interaction of the 
correct sort, in flow with the person  requiring it only go to expand the 
softened sense of self. yes the detox will take place anyway because the 
chemical process is taking place, but valuable binding time can be made of 
the opening that has occered in someones otherwise armoured ways.

>From my understanding of it all shamanic work is on this form, the drugs 
involved are only softners to make change possible, by bringing plasticity 
to bare on the otherwise stagnant condition. On ntop of this the trance 
state, when it is energised and someone is upright and enegised is such that 
re imprinting can take place, which is quite different to undeworld, lower 
unconscious journeying, or breaking open the head, where super conscious 
energy is released into the psychic field, having and bringing about long 
term, ongoing spiritual changes. Re imprinting can be a sudden change of 
relationship to outside factors and therefore a sudden release from a 
specific behavioral trait and will only take place if the environment allows 
for it. Synchronicity is a key elemental factor, bringing about the meeting 
of outside and inside factors, the reaction to which is the re-imprinting.

I have watched this happening where there is no lying down and no imagery at 
all, still on standard med/high dosages and the results where very sudden, 
with no withdrawl. It seems specific to peoples requirements. Briefly I 
would loosely suggest where life has been about longer term endurance, new 
relationships with oneself require to be made, therefore a journeying, or 
opening to higher unconscious cascades of energy, but where it has been more 
about relationship choices that have led to certain patterns of behavior, 
re-imprinting can change that. But the psyche and more casual faxctors of 
life will create those circumstances, not the provider, or they may appear 
in someones life as ongoing experiences afterward.

Anyhow, its very interresting to try and understand what is going on. Maybe 
we will never really know?


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>Hi Ekki, Uwe, Suester and others,
>I think this post and Uwe and Suester's comments here raise some very
>interesting issues. Personally, I am not convinced that the "Western way" 
>giving ibogaine - usually in a darkened room with minimum intrusion - 
>works so well, especially longer term. My gut feeling is that the Bwiti
>approach, with its much higher level of social interaction throughout the
>session, is potentially a lot better. In the West, I think there is this
>core belief in a lot of people that healing is something you do on your own
>somewhere, away from the gaze of others, and it's this belief that is
>actually creating the problems people are seeking healing for. Maybe
>sometime someone will try more the African way here and see if results
>longer term are better.
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> > Am 28.05.2006 um 09:02 schrieb umaas at scientific-african.org:
> > > To be in a dark room with headphones on is really the opposite of the
> > > continuous
> > > social interactions and the "collective setting" as Rachel calls it -
> > > and as
> > > well as personally, we would prefer to do it the African way, it's
> > > obvious that
> > > different cultures are resulting in different needs as to be able to
> > > be on it's
> > > own or to profit from the collective support.
> > >
> > > Concerning lateral movements, you came to the same sesult as the
> > > African
> > > healers. Maybe it's interesting that at later stages of the ritual,
> > > they tell
> > > the candidate to move and even dance rapidly with "full body
> > > diadochokinesis",
> > > thus provoking new visions.
> >
> > when detoxing from drugs having a minimum of interaction and input from
> > outside seemed perfect for me, but later on going out dancing using
> > mid-range doses of ibo added a whole new dimension and maybe helped to
> > digest the initial trip, also with the "emotional release" that comes
> > with jumping around to energetic music. never got much out of bwiti
> > music (guess you have to hear it life), while hard techno seems to be
> > ideal with ibo.
> > -ekki
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