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Hi Howard et al,
 Yes I would say that exhaustion is a component of withdrawl symptoms as
much as any of the others on the scales you reference.
 And for sure a HUGE component of Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome...any
graphical charts an PAWS and Ibogaine effects in the works? I think PAWS is
a very under looked part of the picture for prospective Ibogaine patients.
BTW those scales were a big help when I was thinking about doing Ibogaine.
Particularly the "Objective Opiate Withdrawal Signs and Ibogaine Signs:
Human Observations" which after looking at right now still hold true as far
as my experience.
Thanks for all that and more Howard !
Another BTW ..I was just in a ball of light as I watched "Rite Of Passage"
while riding the E Train home from work the other day on my IPod ....I love
the digital age and all it gear! Patrick you look great on a 3''
screen...like you born to be digitized,lol on that note Howard your voice
sounds even more soothing and centered than ever poured into my head through
the ear buds.
Thanks Ben for a great film!
Freak Freely!

On 6/4/06, HSLotsof at aol.com <HSLotsof at aol.com> wrote:
> Dear list,
> I have a question concerning withdrawal.  You can check the opiate
> objective and subjective withdrawal scales at <
> http://www.ibogaine.desk.nl/manual.html#withdraw>.  My question is the
> following.  My perception has been that a common sign of withdrawal may be
> described as exhausted or lethargy.  Many people I have observed who are in
> withdrawal take to bed.  Am I right that exhaustion and lethargy are common
> signs of withdrawal and if so why have they not been listed on the two
> withdrawal sign scales?
> Thanks for your help with this matter.  Your comments would be
> appreciated.
> Howard
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