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Pablo please confirm receipt of PM on other channel. sent 2 nite, 03/06/06 
ron thanks bro, overwhelmed at your progress.  ron Keep it up
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> I'd say 3 months recovery and then 10 years of getting ones shit together.
> The first three weeks are the worst. Retardent withdrawal can last 
> anything up to three years. This is all dependant on the Mental attitude 
> of the person. Say if you have to detox because you get put in nick.
> A good chance that you do not get over the retardent withdrawal, mentally 
> at all, cos the drug of choiuce was removed by force and this only leads 
> to mental craving, which will last forever, or untill the person gives up 
> associating ones feelings with the stress of mental craving.
> I got put away for 6 years. Four years down the line I was still deppresed 
> and yearning for a hit.
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>>Someone was asking about how long do withdrawal symptoms last after 
>>de-toxing. I would say that it has to do with what a person was  taking 
>>and how much of a habit do they have. I can tell you that just  from 240 
>>mg of codeine a day for several years that it takes over two  months and 
>>even that isn't long enough to get your strength back to  normal [without 
>>any Ibogaine]. The stomach cramps lasted me for at  least 3 weeks, after 
>>tapering off to 60 mg a day for a week before  cold-turkey-ing it. The 
>>worst part of the first 3 weeks is that time  seems to just crawl along. 5 
>>minutes seem like an hour, for the first  week, maybe half-hour by the end 
>>of the second week. How many 5- minute intervals are there in three weeks? 
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