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I'm sorry Marko, I forgot about your earlier message and it got deleted at 
some point.
First suggestion for your friend is seeing Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Alex 
Grey's art gallery. It's my favorite in the entire city.
Central Park is cool.
For a night out with Burlesque, Friday and Saturday nights at the Slipper 
Room (corner of Orchird and Staton in the Lower East Side) hosts great 
shows- where I'll be dj'ing June 30, a Friday, from around 10PM til 4AM. V 
djs there every other Saturday these days.
Just a few suggestions as to things to do, places to go, hanging out.
There are papers here, free weeklies, all over the place (NYPress and the 
Village Voice to name two) which list shows, theater, art exhibits and 
openings, dance, anything really, including films and bands.
Hope this helps. And again, sorry I forgot to reply to your note before.

"America is not so much a nightmare as a non-dream.
The American non-dream is precisely a move to wipe
the dream out of existence.
The dream is a spontaneous happening and
therefore dangerous to a control system set up by
the non-dreamers."
William S. Burroughs
Peace, love, and respect,

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> Hi everybody,
> can someone (or each of you from NYC) tell me what is a *must* to see in 
> NYC from midJune to midJuly?
> The main areas of interest are Contemporary / Modern / Art / Music / IT / 
> Clubbing ...
> (no, I'm not coming over there, a good friend of mine is)
> Thank you,
> Marko
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