[Ibogaine] Ibogaine fatality paper, Re: Suboxone

Warren Theriot warrentheriot at comcast.net
Sat Jun 3 04:11:24 EDT 2006

So I read the entire paper. Someone please tell me if my reasoning is  
wrong with the following: I learned that ibogaine inhibits  
cholinesterase which is the opposite of the action of atropine. Which  
would seem to lower eyeball pressure. With all the other interactive  
dynamics, it seems that ibogaine works a careful balancing act with  
the opposing systems of nervous system function. Without that  
delicate balance, the Ibogaine must not be able to work its magic.  
The paper explains Ibogaine's action on the Sympathetic and  
Parasympathic systems. The neurotransmitters involved have to  
maintain this careful balance, or the nervous system crashes,  
somewhat like software in a computer, resulting in heart failure or a  
paralleling of the actions involved in Sudden Death Syndrome. I do  
not know enough about neurology to know exactly what the right or  
left hemispheres of the brain do regarding Vagal tonus. Is that the  
sub-system involved in controlling the organs of the body? Nor how  
the two systems mentioned work in the left or right brain.  The  
explanation about the "trance state" in the paper might tell me why  
Salvia, a Kappa agonist seems to give me the feeling that all the  
activity in my brain seems to "feel" like it is suddenly all switched  
over to the right side of my skull. Maybe a Kappa agonist Other than  
Salvorin A, [Salvorin A also affects Acetylcholine], would help  
chemically with keeping the trance state stable, but I don't know  
anything about research in this area.  I can see how smaller doses  
than needed to cause an NDE simply would not be enough to bring about  
the "restorative" state, to reverse the "state" of the brain  
functions caused by chronic opiate use that result in dependance and  
withdrawal syndrome.  Is it possible that the person who wrote to the  
list who described a painful and unsuccessful session may not have  
received a high enough dose of Ibogaine to effect a "cure"? Maybe,  
when he was admitted to the clinic, being already in moderate  
withdrawal syndrome, rather than Morphine, Ibogaine treatment should  
have started as soon as possible? What are the withdrawal symptoms  
from Suboxone [Buprenorphine] like compared to codeine and how long  
do the acute and post-acute stages last?

On Jun 2, 2006, at 12:04 AM, Warren Theriot wrote:

> Read the book, Tales of Don Juan, by Carlos Casteneda. Atropine  
> seems like a really dangerous way to "trip". Many have seriously  
> poisoned themselves by eating Datura or other kind of plants with  
> atropine. And by the way, if I have signs of Glaucoma, what will  
> Ibogaine do regarding eye-ball fluid pressure?
> Warren
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