[Ibogaine] Re: detox and withdrawals

Paul Brookshaw jiggy9 at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Jun 2 12:30:28 EDT 2006

I'd say 3 months recovery and then 10 years of getting ones shit together.
The first three weeks are the worst. Retardent withdrawal can last anything 
up to three years. This is all dependant on the Mental attitude of the 
person. Say if you have to detox because you get put in nick.
A good chance that you do not get over the retardent withdrawal, mentally at 
all, cos the drug of choiuce was removed by force and this only leads to 
mental craving, which will last forever, or untill the person gives up 
associating ones feelings with the stress of mental craving.
I got put away for 6 years. Four years down the line I was still deppresed 
and yearning for a hit.

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>Someone was asking about how long do withdrawal symptoms last after  
>de-toxing. I would say that it has to do with what a person was  taking and 
>how much of a habit do they have. I can tell you that just  from 240 mg of 
>codeine a day for several years that it takes over two  months and even 
>that isn't long enough to get your strength back to  normal [without any 
>Ibogaine]. The stomach cramps lasted me for at  least 3 weeks, after 
>tapering off to 60 mg a day for a week before  cold-turkey-ing it. The 
>worst part of the first 3 weeks is that time  seems to just crawl along. 5 
>minutes seem like an hour, for the first  week, maybe half-hour by the end 
>of the second week. How many 5- minute intervals are there in three weeks? 
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