Waiting on Eco Man or Some one Like Him

Dana Beal dana at phantom.com
Sat Jul 29 17:16:50 EDT 2006

Yeah you can send it again.

I guess the main message I'm trying to convey is that in the next  
year we have to focus on a public health message, based on the  
groundswell of sentiment among drug war partisans that 25 years of  
focussing on pot use among teens has failed to address hard drug-- 
especially crystal--use and its much more destructive consequences.

Understand I'm talking about a shift of sentiment among law  
enforcement  and other stakeholders in the the system who may be for  
the first time willing to process the information about an addiction  
interrupter that was always dismissed as a "hallucinogen".

We are invited to do a panel at the Second Meth-amphetamine Summit by  
the harm reduction office in Salt Lake City. A certain amount of  
field organizing has to be connected with that, and I think alerting  
affiliates to pitfalls they're going to encounter is a good idea.

There is zero chance of getting actual funding for ibogaine related  
activities from MPP, because Rob Kampia isn't into it and his people  
aren't either. So just don't waste the effort paying $250 to go to a  
benefit where you only feel out of place, is all I'm saying.


On Jul 27, 2006, at 3:08 PM, Eco Man wrote:

> Hey Dana,
> Wazzup,
> Actually I did reply to a post of yours to me about MPP, but it was  
> a month-late reply since your original email to me got put in my  
> bulk mail folder by my screwy Yahoo Mail. I fixed the problem so  
> future emails to me from you won't get misplaced by Yahoo Mail.
> eco
> PS. Do you want me to resend my reply?
> I can summarize it by saying that I am just not into the  
> infighting. I have long liked MPP and their work, and don't want to  
> ostracize them just because of personality conflicts between  
> individual MPP staff members and people outside MPP. And for every  
> MPP staff person who is down on cannabis rallies, I am sure there  
> are others who are for them. I think that is true also for NORML,  
> DPA, DRCnet, etc..
> Feel free to pass this on anywhere.
> --------
> Dana Beal <dana at phantom.com> wrote:
>> From:   digital at phantom.com
>> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Eco Man
>> On Jul 10, 2006, at 5:01 PM, Dana Beal wrote:
>> As if the line that my freedom to put whatever I want into my body  
>> trumps all arguments every time!
>> In a perfect universe it would.  If there's one thing that belongs  
>> to me, it's my body.  However I choose to select my state of  
>> consciousness is entirely my own business.  Legislating my  
>> headspace is fascism mahn.
>> Fuck the Police State....
> No doubt, no doubt. In fact, the government's position that a bare  
> majority of Congress can legislate yr headspace is worse than  
> fascism. It smacks of SLAVERY. And that's what makes freedom to  
> control one's own body such a seductive argument. I mean, it oughta  
> trump every other position. Especially when the folks making it are  
> ex-narcs, from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).
> But when it becomes an excuse for intellectual laziness-- for not  
> even looking at the DeLoenen video-- it's a case of the Perfect  
> becoming the enemy of the Merely Good.
>> Uhm, I meant to say: I think, maybe, perhaps it could be possible,  
>> that all these little personality rifts aren't that HUGE, and the  
>> Faction over on the Left, could get along with the factioN over on  
>> the righT, and perchance, they could look deep into one another's  
>> eyes, promise eternal, undying and absolute agreement about the  
>> Whole Entire Everything, forever, if not longer, and then, like,  
>> sweat all over each other and make animal soundZ.
>> Considering that Tyler totally rocked, and did an amazing job with  
>> the SSDP at Columbia, and all things seemed to be friendly and  
>> okay with Rob, and the MPP, back a few months ago; I didn't really  
>> get the sense of much of a problem.
> And with a little advance planning, we can show up and do a  
> presentation at any regional SSDP conference in the country. Just  
> not at their National conferences. They don't get any actual  
> funding from MPP at the local or regional levels. Their natioanl  
> office is close to MPP, however.
>> Granted, I still dunno shit about all the different factions of  
>> the medical marijuana movement, but after meeting prolly 2/3rds of  
>> the main activists involved with it -- most of 'em through YOU  
>> Dana, with you standin' right there -- with very few exceptions,  
>> most of 'em thought the whole ibogaine paradigm was highly groovy  
>> and fit nicely within their headspace.
>> Yeah, "hard" vs. "soft" drugs is reasonable, we live in an  
>> imperfect world; it's still gonna perpetually bend people out of  
>> shape who feel they should have the same rights to bang opiates,  
>> or freebase, or do whateverTheFuck they want.  And ya know what,  
>> they're right.
>> Junkies are the last tribe of niggers on the planet.  An entire  
>> strata of society is okay to hate, harass, demonize, incarcerate,  
>> and treat like shit.  Yeah, well, fuck that.  Sorry, but I do  
>> understand that point of view, and the fuckin' inferno of rage and  
>> hate that taps into ... and when you push those buttons on harm  
>> reduction proponents, well duh, they eXplode and go <KabOoOOOM>.
>> But ... that's idealism, which tends to disintegrate when exposed  
>> to unReality.  <Shrug>.
>> Spinning outta idealism to pragmatism: nearly every single  
>> "ideological rift" within the medical marijuana movement, is  
>> pretty much based on who ripped off who, or set up who, in a drug  
>> deal gone wrong, circa 1970; who dissed who last week, and of  
>> course, the ever popular, "Do you have ANY IDEA what KEITH STROUP  
>> said to me in 1492?  I meant to say, last month?"  Uhm, who's  
>> Keith Stroup...?
> Problem is, the opposition to market separation I'm talking about  
> is coming from two completely different sets of people-- harm  
> reductionists like Donald Grove, who say it "stigmatizes junkies,"  
> and medical marijuana purists who said, until just this year, that  
> it was off-topic medical marijuana-wise.
> Both of them posit a false dichotomy where ibogaine is the enemy of  
> clean needles or med-mar, so that all you wind up with is the  
> status quo, where ibo is not legally available in the U.S. But I'm  
> a bit more peeved with MPP right now, for flipping over and funding  
> SAFER while panning the worldwide march, whose organizers are  
> dutifully signing people up for SAFER's initiatives.
> I think I got a right to be a little peeved when the animus is so  
> clearly personal. But come to think of it, Donald Grove's dislike  
> is pretty personal....
>> Allan Clear, has given us ibogaine conference space at every HRC  
>> conference for the last 6 years, we've done the DPA, Ethan  
>> Nadelman does not hate you and plot your downfall during all his  
>> waking moments (as far as you know), Marc Emery lit up ibogaine in  
>> Vancouver when he had the opportunity to do so; there is a lot of  
>> progress.  Much of it directly attributable to YOU, but most of  
>> these EPIC RIFTS are just ... communication errors, crazy people  
>> venting (shit happens, oh well, more shit is prolly gonna happen,  
>> 'cuz life's just like that, so, try to get over it), and certain  
>> individuals doing ill-advised THINGS and calling up everybody in  
>> the whole entire universe when they're really fucking drunk late  
>> at night.  Not anyone that we know of course, "...I did what?"
>> Patrick
> So now, I don't call people late at night, or after too many beers.  
> Except to ask when cures not wars will be switching to Mindvox from  
> Calyx, of course. BTW, when I dropped in on Alan Clear last week,  
> he asked about the line-up of your panel. He seems to want to hear  
> from you. Are you getting a plenary speaking spot again?
>> From:   vivienneelanta at yahoo.com.au
>> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Eco Man
>> Patrick I don't think there's anybody involved in harm reduction  
>> who is paying
>> too much attention to Dana's outbursts. I also think there aren't  
>> many who
>> don't agree with you every time you protect him and smooth it all  
>> over, Dana
>> has done loads to spread information about ibogaine and then does  
>> even more
>> work and steps on everyone's ego.
>> Most of the medical marijuana advocates leave a bit something to  
>> be desired and
>> act like boors when it comes to understanding any drug users  
>> problems except
>> for this own, but that's nothing new there, everyone is interested  
>> only in what
>> effects them and doesn't even notice how many toes are being trod  
>> on when
>> tooting their own horn about cannabis.
>> I plan to make the HRC conference in California this fall, I'll  
>> definitely be
>> in the states, hope to see you there cutie! You too Dana, I think you
>> accomplish so much to help others, in spite of yourself! All the  
>> intrigue you
>> always get yourself mixed up in is your way of communicating, but  
>> I honestly
>> don't ever see the big divide between you and all these people you  
>> seem to
>> start these useless angry debates with Dana. It's the same old  
>> thing, he said,
>> she said, no one understands, then when all of you are in the same  
>> room
>> together it's all smiles and jokes. Scratch that, unless they're  
>> Dr. Cohen, in
>> which case they get screamed at and you threaten to pummel them in  
>> the
>> conference hotel ;-)
> Never screamed. Raised my voice, yes. Never threatened to pummel.  
> Was just pissed Cohen ducked his slot so I did a too-long  
> presentation of ibo history instead of dissecting the arguments he  
> repeated  which were used to torpedo legal ibogaine in ACT UP.  
> Which went something like: what cures not wars is advocating is  
> separate treatment for marijuana, and everybody else eat ibogaine.  
> As if a couple of transitional demands were all we were ever going  
> to ask for.
> Once again, the perfect being made out to be the enemy of the  
> merely good. Since actually, marijuana and ibogaine access now for  
> everyone is actually a pretty good interim deal.
>> I am so looking forward to this fall ;-) Thank you for all that  
>> you do Dana,
>> Patrick, Howard, everyone who does what they can. Dana if you  
>> could ever drop
>> just that wee bit part of your message about how healthy and great  
>> cannabis
>> activists are and how much sicker the poor junkies are, I do think  
>> there would
>> be more people tuning in to listen.
> Then you'll be happy to hear that one gram of Indra is just thing  
> for aspergilosis-- the lung infection you get from moldy pot.  
> Knocks it right out.
> As to the panel, rather than dredging up and deconstructing Cohen/ 
> Grove's accusations that ibo is an affront to the drug user  
> identity, I'd much rather present on the successive models that  
> have been offered explaining ibogaine's mechanism of action,  
> starting with Lotsof's original patents. You know, the kind of  
> stuff Kampia walked out on....
>> From:   krista.vaughan at gmail.com
>> Subject: Re: Re: [Ibogaine] Eco Man
>> If this was a nice way of saying that most cannabis activists have a
>> lot of attitude problems about why they're healthy and normal while
>> the poor junkies are sick and need to be protected from themselves,
>> then yes I would agree.
>> KV
> This may come as a shock, but the Dutch Health Ministry bureaucrats  
> who signed off on market separation (and remember, Eric Fromberg  
> conceded market separation was not a perfect fix)  were not  
> particularly big potheads. That policy, as well as the first needle  
> exchange anywhere on the planet, were official responses the  
> toxicities and bloodborn diseases specific to injectible white  
> powders.
>> From:   davebroc at gmail.com
>> Subject: Re: Re: [Ibogaine] Eco Man
>> Dana whatever you did in the last 3 months to totally alienate rob
>> kampia, mebbe try to undo it. He was at the Columbia ibo conference,
>> it was a great show, the room was standing room only, peeps were
>> sitting on the floor it was so packed, Rob showed up and hung out for
>> a while, he doesn't do that often, he liked the conf. 3 months later
>> he hates you? Rock on patrick, but for real yo that makes no sense at
>> all Dana, MPP and SSDP both were pro ibo only months ago, nobody I
>> know in SSDP is anti-ibo and lots of peeps love the shows, it was a
>> success, packed room, good vibes, so what is the problem now? Dana
>> your not happy unless you got someone to fight with, why do you pick
>> people who are already on your side to alienate, wtf is that all
>> about.
>> -broc
> The post to Eco Man, which I shared with this list, makes it clear  
> that this is not a problem that that developed in the months since  
> the Columbia forum. In fact, we had no trouble at all doing the  
> ibogaine panel at the Northeast SSDP Regional Conference a week  
> before the May 6 March and Rally. Let me re-iterate:
> Rob Kampia controls millions of dollar in grant money that MPP can  
> give out, not just for pot-related drug reform, but for outright  
> across-the-board anti-prohibition activities such as, for instance,  
> starting LEAP or SSDP.
> So after Kampia showed up at Columbia, I tried to call him once or  
> twice, and Doug Green button-holed him at the April 20th NORML  
> Conference to see if monies could be had for Ibogaine. Kampia told  
> Doug he wished he could have stayed for the Sunday program, that he  
> just found the neuro-receptor stuff boring.
> Doug suggested I send him the raw vidotapes of the conference,  
> which probably would have cost a couple of hundred dollars and  
> would have enabled Kampia's people to familiarize themselves with  
> ibo without actually coming to the forum and getting a little  
> exposure to our movement.
> All I really wanted was to touch base on the phone, so I followed  
> Vallerie Vandepanne's advice and emailed him requesting a chance to  
> talk, apologizing in the text for communicating via such an  
> imperfect medium, and stating one or two concerns so he'd know that  
> a) I was not mad about what happened at NYU 5 years ago, since I'd  
> determined it probably wasn't his fault, and b) I felt the problem  
> had more to do with organizational relations between MPP on the one  
> hand, and the Worldwide March and Cures not Wars on the other.
> He evidently didn't want to address intra-movement relations, since  
> he emailed me back saying never to call or email him again. So when  
> shortly thereafter I got a post from Eco Man alerting me to gala  
> fundraiser being held by Kampia and Vallerie a few blocks from 9  
> Bleecker, asking that I turn out all the supporters of medical  
> marijuana in NYC, I wrote back that the hefty $250 ticket price  
> precluded my own attendance. Let alone medical marijuana patients,  
> many of whom are on disability.
> And that besides, it is not my habit to turn up at events where I  
> am not welcomed by the organizers.
> MPPs June 12 event was not particularly successful as a fundraiser.  
> It was mainly a chance to rub elbows with some of the movement  
> bigwigs, but I said, I would rather meet Tommy Chong, Montel  
> Williams or Cong. Conyers in a more neutral venue, where there's NO  
> CHANCE of some event coordinator taking them aside and bad-mouthing  
> me.
> Likewise I took a pass on the premiere Tommy Chong's new movie at  
> the Film Archives at 2nd Ave and 2nd St,  because it sounded like a  
> Steve Bloom production, and Bloom and I were having a dispute  
> because he was posting my private emails on his blog without  
> permission.
> As it turned out, the organizers of the Film Archives event, as  
> well as the June 12 fundraiser, are in hot water with Tommie Chong  
> for using his name without authorization. He didn't even turn up  
> because he's mad at Rob Kampia. Specifically.
> So these people have their own problems. And, according to Peter B.  
> Lewis's nephew Donnie Wirtschafter, there is absolutely ZERO chance  
> of Lewis's money ever going to ibogaine anyway. Also, according to  
> Patricia Steward, who's partied with Lewis on his yacht, Kampia  
> only maintains his position as gatekeeper/grant-master by finding  
> young women for Lewis, who's 70.
> O yeah. Eco man never replied to my post. I'm still waiting.
> Dana/cnw
> MMM (Global Million Marijuana March):
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cannabisaction
> Newsweek, Nov. 14, 2005, page 36:
> "The most recent evidence comes from autopsies of 44 prisoners who  
> have died in Iraq and Afghanistan in U.S. custody. Most died under  
> circumstances that suggest torture. The reports use words like  
> 'strangulation,' 'asphyxiation' and 'blunt force injuries.' ...  A  
> few months before the [Abu Ghraib] scandal broke [spring 2004],  
> Coalition Provisional Authority polls showed Iraqi support at 63  
> percent. A month after Abu Ghraib, the number was 9 percent. Polls  
> showed that 71 percent of Iraqis were surprised by the revelations."
> How low will we go? Check out Yahoo! Messenger’s low PC-to-Phone  
> call rates.

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