[Ibogaine] ibo wanted in the uk pls

Warren Lee Theriot wleetheriot at comcast.net
Fri Jul 21 20:58:03 EDT 2006

Just a few feelings about what spirituality means to me:

The sense of awe I felt when visiting Painted Desert National  
Monument in Arizona.
The feelings I get from magic mushrooms, or Peyote. [its been much  
too long ago, and its killing me not to have them again]
The sense of self-awareness and inner happiness that the Dali Lama  
always shows in public. The Dali Lama is the first person in the  
world I think of when Spirituality comes to mind.
The teachings of Jesus.
The teachings of Buddha.
Watching a smile on a dogs face. [credits to the New Bohemians, in  
their 80's song]
Petting a cat or a dog.
The happy look on Jason's face in the picture he posted months ago.
The feeling I get when relaxed and listening to music by Bach. The  
Mass in B minor as an example.
Being in love and making love to the one you love.


PS: dying for a religion seems very anti-spiritual as I believe you  
have to be alive to experience spirituality. 

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