[Ibogaine] ibo wanted in the USA pls

Warren Lee Theriot wleetheriot at comcast.net
Sat Jul 15 16:03:02 EDT 2006

I just can't seem to ask the right question. It seems to me that Aids  
drugs developed are so far only treating the disease, not curing it  
so there is long term profits to b made in the meantime. Ibogaine is  
a limited use treatment at this point[my perception] so there is no  
long-term profit model to work with. Out of all the world's  
billionaires why can't someone like Bill Gates do an altruistic act  
of humanitarianism and fund a major Ibogaine treatment program close  
to the USA. Maybe someone already is. For me at this point, Ibogaine  
is like the nuclear option for me to stay off pain killers, as weak  
as the ones are I am taking. I could get off completely by myself  
without too much discomfort, by now, but I need a long term support  
group to stay involved with closely and personally, locally. I called  
a doctor last night, and consulted this morning on the phone. So next  
week I am going to confront my medical condition with a professional.  
First I am going to learn how to not keep retreating to the  
medication for my leg pains as they are not life threatening like the  
meds can be.  At the same time I am going to get my anxiety treated  
with non-habituating meds or better without any meds. But I really  
wish I could get another chance to work normal hours with comfortable  
pay to help me keep my self in the mainstream of life. It gets so  
depressing when there doesn't seem to be anything worthwhile to do  
with my time and talents. Maybe the media industry is just too cut- 
throat for me to find a happy niche again. I'd like another chance,  
but if something doesn't come up in the next month. I just may get a  
job at an art supply or framing business. I could do wonders with  
music editing on pro tools or final cut after all the 5 years of   
learning the basics from Creative or Wavelab, but who am I going to  
call for a job? If Paul McCartney made billions without learning to  
read music, I don't see why I couldn't just get-by with what I know  
about computer editing and the basics of music that I know.  There  
goes years of union dues down the drain with nothing to show for it  
but 4 old film credits from a major  animation studio and no where to  
go from here. And if the alien inside my stomach doesn't stop trying  
to break out through my chest anytime soon and go back to sleep I  
might also have a chance at getting ahead again. Things have been so  
bleak since February when my Dad died from a stroke. I felt so  
useless and unable to communicate for the 5 weeks he suffered. It  
would have been easier to take if he hadn't died knowing I was so  
unhappy at the time. But, thank the Universe for not placing me in a  
shooting war at least. My life could be a lot worse, so maybe I  
should just shut up.

On Jul 15, 2006, at 9:32 AM, Nick Sandberg wrote:

> Tell me once in the last 30 years when a drug company has claimed  
> NOT to be in it for the money. I mean, they are just businesses.  
> This is all they are. Some things capitalism can do great. Other  
> stuff it's not really so suited for. Creating useful medications  
> comes more into the latter category. But what I see is that people  
> just don't want to face this. They want the daytime TV fantasy of  
> models in labsuits saving the world.
> In reality, it's basically "Can we patent this shit?" "What's the  
> upfront R&D?" And "How many years do we have before likely side  
> effects manifest and what's our exposure on that?" As long as the  
> figures balance they just go for it.
> I mean, in many ways, there's something actually kind of cool about  
> such an insanely immoral business. The bottom line is "Don't  
> believe the hype."
> Nick
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> I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to see that when it comes  
> to drug development, it is all about the bottom line. Tell me one  
> medication in the last 30 years that the "collective, public, and  
> political will" has brought to market. AIDS drugs do not meet the  
> challenge as the goverment supported their development, not with  
> pressure, but with taxpayers money. I would love to be corrected on  
> this.
> Eye of the Bhogi <freedomroot at gmail.com> wrote:
> The "risk" of developing medications can be offset by collective,
> public, and political will.
> And while pragmatic in real-world sensibility, nevertheless, Nick, the
> explanation contra-conspiracy that "it's all about the money" (my
> nutshell of your thoughts) ignores the plausible possibility that the
> ideology behind commercialism and capitalism is not, in and of itself,
> a form of conspiracy.
> Although greed seems to be pretty hard-wired into the human species.
> xorachel
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