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lovely piece of research.


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>the last 7 years that I have been working with Ibo. I have treated
>  230 people, lots of them got from me mushrooms tea which helped them a
>lot,I'm glad that finnaly there are more people who think like me and do
>a research about the use of mushrooms in addiction therapy.
>I have found that mushrooms work really well when coming off  methadone +
>anyone who would like to experience Ibo. and mushrooms is welcome to 
>me by email.
>enjoy the read.
>Mystic mushrooms spawn magic event
>Findings could lead to treatments for addiction, depression
>Tuesday, July 11, 2006; Posted: 12:57 a.m. EDT (04:57 GMT)
>Mayo Clinic
>• Mental Health
>THE STUDY: Volunteers who took psilocybin, an illegal drug made from
>mushrooms, reported profound mystical experiences that altered their
>attitudes and behavior for weeks.
>THE CONFIRMATION: The drug has been used for centuries in religious
>practices, but the new work demonstrates its effects more clearly than
>THE PAYOFF: Psilocybin may prove useful in treating drug addicts or
>terminally ill patients with depression. It may also enable the study of
>what happens in the brain during intense spiritual experiences.
>NEW YORK (AP) -- People who took an illegal drug made from mushrooms
>reported profound mystical experiences that led to behavior changes
>lasting for weeks -- all part of an experiment that recalls the
>psychedelic '60s.
>Many of the 36 volunteers rated their reaction to a single dose of the
>drug, called psilocybin, as one of the most meaningful or spiritually
>significant experiences of their lives. Some compared it to the birth of a
>child or the death of a parent.
>Such comments "just seemed unbelievable," said Roland Griffiths of the
>Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, the
>study's lead author.
>But don't try this at home, he warned. "Absolutely don't."
>Almost a third of the research participants found the drug experience
>frightening even in the very controlled setting. That suggests people
>experimenting with the illicit drug on their own could be harmed,
>Griffiths said.
>Viewed by some as a landmark, the study is one of the few rigorous looks
>in the past 40 years at a hallucinogen's effects. The researchers suggest
>the drug someday may help drug addicts kick their habit or aid terminally
>ill patients struggling with anxiety and depression.
>It may also provide a way to study what happens in the brain during
>intense spiritual experiences, the scientists said.
>Funded in part by the federal government, the research was published
>online Tuesday by the journal Psychopharmacology.
>Psilocybin has been used for centuries in religious practices, and its
>ability to produce a mystical experience is no surprise. But the new work
>demonstrates it more clearly than before, Griffiths said.
>Even two months after taking the drug, pronounced SILL-oh-SY-bin, most of
>the volunteers said the experience had changed them in beneficial ways,
>such as making them more compassionate, loving, optimistic and patient.
>Family members and friends said they noticed a difference, too.
>Charles Schuster, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience at
>Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and a former director of the
>National Institute on Drug Abuse, called the work a landmark.
>"I believe this is one of the most rigorously well-controlled studies ever
>done" to evaluate psilocybin or similar substances for their potential to
>increase self-awareness and a sense of spirituality, he said. He did not
>participate in the research.
>Psilocybin, like LSD or mescaline, is one of a class of drugs called
>hallucinogens or psychedelics. While they have been studied by scientists
>in the past, research was largely shut down after widespread recreational
>abuse of the drugs during the 1960s, Griffiths said. Some work resumed in
>the 1990s.
>"We've lost 40 years of (potential) research experience with this whole
>class of compounds," he said. Now, with modern-day scientific methods, "I
>think it's time to pick up this research field."
>The study volunteers had an average age of 46, had never used
>hallucinogens, and participated to some degree in religious or spiritual
>activities such as prayer, meditation, discussion groups or religious
>services. Each tried psilocybin during one visit to the lab and the
>stimulant methylphenidate (better known as Ritalin) on one or two other
>visits. Only six of the volunteers knew when they were getting psilocybin.
>Each visit lasted eight hours. The volunteers lay on a couch in a
>living-room-like setting, wearing an eye mask and listening to classical
>music. They were encouraged to focus their attention inward.
>Psilocybin's effects lasted for up to six hours, Griffiths said.
>Twenty-two of the 36 volunteers reported having a "complete" mystical
>experience, compared with four of those getting methylphenidate.
>That experience included such things as a sense of pure awareness and a
>merging with ultimate reality, a transcendence of time and space, a
>feeling of sacredness or awe, and deeply felt positive mood like joy,
>peace and love. People say "they can't possibly put it into words,"
>Griffiths said.
>Two months later, 24 of the participants filled out a questionnaire.
>Two-thirds called their reaction to psilocybin one of the five top most
>meaningful experiences of their lives. On another measure, one-third
>called it the most spiritually significant experience of their lives, with
>another 40 percent ranking it in the top five.
>About 80 percent said that because of the psilocybin experience, they
>still had a sense of well-being or life satisfaction that was raised
>either "moderately" or "very much."
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>not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
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