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Vivienne Elanta vivienneelanta at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jul 11 10:33:18 EDT 2006

Patrick I don't think there's anybody involved in harm reduction who is paying
too much attention to Dana's outbursts. I also think there aren't many who
don't agree with you every time you protect him and smooth it all over, Dana
has done loads to spread information about ibogaine and then does even more
work and steps on everyone's ego. 

Most of the medical marijuana advocates leave a bit something to be desired and
act like boors when it comes to understanding any drug users problems except
for this own, but that's nothing new there, everyone is interested only in what
effects them and doesn't even notice how many toes are being trod on when
tooting their own horn about cannabis.

I plan to make the HRC conference in California this fall, I'll definitely be
in the states, hope to see you there cutie! You too Dana, I think you
accomplish so much to help others, in spite of yourself! All the intrigue you
always get yourself mixed up in is your way of communicating, but I honestly
don't ever see the big divide between you and all these people you seem to
start these useless angry debates with Dana. It's the same old thing, he said,
she said, no one understands, then when all of you are in the same room
together it's all smiles and jokes. Scratch that, unless they're Dr. Cohen, in
which case they get screamed at and you threaten to pummel them in the
conference hotel ;-) 

I am so looking forward to this fall ;-) Thank you for all that you do Dana,
Patrick, Howard, everyone who does what they can. Dana if you could ever drop
just that wee bit part of your message about how healthy and great cannabis
activists are and how much sicker the poor junkies are, I do think there would
be more people tuning in to listen.

--- "Patrick K. Kroupa" <digital at phantom.com> wrote:

> On Jul 10, 2006, at 5:01 PM, Dana Beal wrote:
> > As if the line that my freedom to put whatever I want into my body  
> > trumps all arguments every time!
> In a perfect universe it would.  If there's one thing that belongs to  
> me, it's my body.  However I choose to select my state of  
> consciousness is entirely my own business.  Legislating my headspace  
> is fascism mahn.
> Fuck the Police State....
> Uhm, I meant to say: I think, maybe, perhaps it could be possible,  
> that all these little personality rifts aren't that HUGE, and the  
> Faction over on the Left, could get along with the factioN over on  
> the righT, and perchance, they could look deep into one another's  
> eyes, promise eternal, undying and absolute agreement about the Whole  
> Entire Everything, forever, if not longer, and then, like, sweat all  
> over each other and make animal soundZ.
> Considering that Tyler totally rocked, and did an amazing job with  
> the SSDP at Columbia, and all things seemed to be friendly and okay  
> with Rob, and the MPP, back a few months ago; I didn't really get the  
> sense of much of a problem.

Honey if there isn't a problem, Dana will make one, then Howard will roll his
eyes, you'll tell jokes, everyone will laugh and boys will be boys, so bring it

Blessed be
Vivienne Elanta

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