Hello again

Matthew Shriver Matt at ITSupport.net
Sun Jul 9 17:29:43 EDT 2006

So I came back here for my own selfish reasons which I will get to in
another email but I have been lurking for a minute and just wanted to say
hello to all the familiar faces.  And Kirk if I am following the
conversation correctly I gather that you have finally taken the ibo plunge
and gotten off of the methadone only to find out that you have cancer?!?  I
won’t presume (too much) to tell you all about how to handle this turn of
events seeing as I haven’t been around for 6 ½ months and all. But I will
say that having watched a few people go through the experience of having
cancer I have noticed that the ones who recover (both by traditional and
non-traditional means) have without exception been people who managed to
maintain a positive outlook despite their situation.  Based on some of the
posts I have seen you make recently, I think you are connected with that
positive head space.  But whatever is in store for you, I wish you as much
peace and joy as you may find on your path.

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