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Kirsty, so sorry your diagnosis was not the one you wanted. As far as  
opinions and suggestions mine would be to,
stay positive and grounded in the present as much as you can
find an Oncologist you trust and have a good rapport with
continue to stay drug free
eat fresh and raw fruits and veggies in abundance
read as much as you can about your diagnosis, treatments, prognosis etc,  etc
be a sponge....you can't fight what you don't understand
meditate and/or pray
Don't freak out or if you already have, try not to. Cancer is not as  
intimidating and mysterious as it used to be. Remissions are at an all time  high!
You are a very strong woman. My instincts tell me you will come through  this 
okay. Difficulties are put in front of us so that we can grow spiritually.  I 
think you already know that though so hopefully your spiritual growth spurt 
is  already beginning.
I feel like you will deal with this better because of your Ibogaine  
experience. Isn't it funny how our lives seem to have and order? Even when we  are 
using hard and heavy most of us could still see that things happen for a  reason.
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captkirk at clear.net.nz writes:

Open to  opinions, suggestions etc.
Cancer diagnosis received today.
Remaining  positive so far lol
Love light n laughter
Kirk xxx 

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