[Ibogaine] For Preston

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Tue Jul 4 19:11:47 EDT 2006

excsue me, it's not that you seem to be picking a fight, I'm just grumpy. 
Please excuse my grumpy, please.
Peace, love and respect,

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> So true. personally I am so self centered it makes me want to spew at 
> times. I'm haunted by these ghosts that takes the fun out of being able to 
> enjoy others' experience.  I d/n behave like that when straight but now I 
> am excessively preoccupied with my little sitch.  I hate what I've become 
> yet not bad enough to endure a few days of the trots and cold chills. I 
> spend more time worried about getting sick than I do high(straight, can't 
> high unless someone eases me a bottle of sodium pentothal)  I've fallen 
> back to the part where I want to stay unconscious all the time. sick. 
> notice how I only wrote about myself?  Christ...ron
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>> Preston I've read your words here for a long time and seen you go from
>> desperate cries for help, to being all knowing, I am honestly
>> wondering what is it that you want to happen? Other then being
>> recognized as a great writer, that part I'm clear about and for what
>> it's worth I think you speak the drug user point of view pretty clear
>> and honestly.
>> Do you want to be free of drugs or do you just want the world to get
>> off your back and leave you alone? I ask this based only what you
>> write because I read most of your messages, you write a lot but are
>> clearly writing about yourself and your own experience, not channeling
>> psychobabble and nonsense. I also do very much agree with your quotes
>> from Shaw about how the man who writes about himself and his time,
>> writes about all men and all time, because that's the truth, you can't
>> write truth about something you don't know.
>> You've gone full circle here at least a dozen times and during all
>> that written about how much you really want to be clean, then you do
>> ibogaine again and have all the answers and are advice proof.
>> I'm honestly curious, your problem mostly looks to be opiates, so if
>> you don't want to clean up why not get on methadone maintenance or
>> suboxone? You have legal access to whatever you need to feel better
>> and nobody left to hassle you.
>> -Mase
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