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Was, I repeat, was a hussy. Damn it. But I'm going to do about 24 per kg. and get it back. He He      Randy
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> > Ohhhh I get it.....13 Steps = Randy was a big Ole 
> Hussy!!!!!! Hahahhahaaha 
> Hey where is that Chamoun the Baboon anyway? Show your big 
> red butt Aussie Boy, where you Been hiding? I can't say 
> "hey" he's awol..... 
> Kirk 
How do you know about my big red butt,..ay? You got a camera in 
that bathroom of yours. Funny that,..I felt like some one was laughing 
at me whilst I showered at your place. : ) 
A big hello to you Randy my brother. So,..Randy is a hussy ay..... 
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