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I would like to thank  Sara, for putting me in the right direction and being 
of such great support. Bless you Sara, for all your random acts of 
unconditional love and kindness. You are an Angel darling.
This works, cos I have been using it for just over a month now and have got 
a crazy usage of, Alc, Meth, H, Benzos, SSRI's and anticonvulsants, for pain 
relief of Neuropathic pain, down to 35ml Meth and 15mg Diazepam. Nothing 
else, just smoke^_^!!!
I grant you, reading and taking the above for pain, is kind of like trying 
to shoot a rabbit, at point blank range, with a twelve bore shot gun. Not 
much of the rabbit left.!
Anyway I'm still here.^_^
Detox before Detoxing:)
Your body contains eliminative organs whose function is to keep the body 
working efficiently. Each of your eliminative organs has an essential role 
to play, each depending on the other so are either supportive of, or 
supported by, one another in some way, allowing the body to feel energized, 
nourished and supported. It's obvious though that if some of the support 
network breaks down at any point that problems can and do occur.
Eliminative Organs: Lungs, Skin, Lymph, Blood, Liver and Kidneys, Colon.
I have gathered a great amount of info, plus sources and links, on all of 
the above subjects, but I shall deal for the moment with, supporting your 
eliminative Organs, ie, Liver, Kidneys and Colon.
The Liver and Kidneys are the blood's filtration system, filtering the blood 
and cleansing it of waste matter and toxins it has collected. The Liver and 
Kidneys cleanse and refresh the blood and then tip out the waste they have 
collected, solids into the Colon or liquid into the bladder.
Colon or Mucoid plaque harbours toxins, poisons and free radicals, and 
pathogenic bacteria and parasites live in and under the plaque and 
constantly seep into the bloodstream and lymph settling in the weaker areas 
of the body especially the Liver, Kidneys and Spleen.
Once these eliminative organs become overloaded with toxins they become 
sluggish and are unable to perform their proper functions. The Liver is 
supposed to dump the waste it has accumulated into the Colon, but if for any 
reason this isn't happening or it is overwhelmed then the Liver itself will 
get blocked with something that resembles sludge or even small stone like 
mineral deposits. Encouraging the Liver to really "Dump" its accumulated 
waste into the Colon is performed with a Liver flush. Liver flushes work 
better after a thorough Colon cleanse.
The Liver has 500 different known functions. Physiologically we develop 
weakness of the Liver when we have abused our bodies by (taking drugs) 
eating acid forming foods. The Liver is affected by negative thoughts and 
It therefore makes considerable sense to periodically cleanse the Liver the 
Liver and Kidneys, this supports the body in its attempts to maintain 
health. Liver Flush programme and Kidney cleanse follows. Eat plenty of 
fresh fruit and vegetables and nuts and at least 8 glasses of pure water per 
Liver Flush:- This is a 7 day Liver flush. The day and night of Day 7 is the 
climax for this flush, so I strongly recommend you stay at home this day so 
you have, peaceful, access to the toilet just when you need it:)
Days 1-6.
Take one capsule of Cytocleanse and one capsule of Psyllium husks 3 times a 
day with plenty of water. In addition drink 1 litre of organic apple juice 
throughout the day and 2 litres of water with lemon squeezed into it 
throughout the day. Stick to a light diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, 
nuts and seeds, brown rice, white meat and fish. Each evening dry skin brush 
thoroughly and soak in a warm bath with a cup of Epsom salts mixed in.
(Anyone interested in dry skin brushing, contact me).
Day 7:-
Take the Cytocleanse, Psyllium husks, apple juice and water as usual. Have 
only a light diet of fruit for breakfast. Organic vegetables for lunch. 2 
hours after lunch drink a mixture of 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts mixed in a 
small glass of water. Repeat this again after another 2 hours. After another 
2 hours have a large fresh fruit salad with generous amount of organic 
double cream (yes, double cream). In the evening dry skin brush and take a 
hot Epsom salt bath.
Just before going to bed mix 90ml of organic cold pressed virgin olive oil 
with 90ml of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and drink it down. Dip one 
40cmx40cm cotton cloth in 125ml of Castor Oil. Soak the cloth thoroughly and 
then squeeze out surplus oil gently. The cloth should be completely wet but 
not "drippy". Fold the cloth in half and wrap it on the right side of your 
body, just under your ribs and around your waist. This way it sits over the 
Wrap yourself in cling film so as none of the oil can escape onto your bed 
and then retire to bed with a warm hot water bottle lying on the cloth 
covered side of your body.
It is likely that you will need to go to toilet a few times through the 
night and this is when you may pass sludge or stones.
Place a colander in the toilet bowl if you want to have a look. A liver 
flush is more effective following a Colon cleanse.
Take it easy for a day or two after you finish the flush, as it may take a 
while to feel as if you have processed the oil.
Try this Detox diet for 7 days and see how your body responds. See if you 
feel better, even if you do not want to admit it.

Detox diet:-
It is easy, just make a commitment to avoid, for 7 days,
Wheat, Dairy products, Pasta, Potatoes, Alcohol, Red meat and Caffeine and 
processed, refined or heavily flavoured or spiced foods.
Instead, stick to a plentiful variety of fresh clear fluids and juices, eat 
locally produced "seasonal organic" fruit and vegetables, select white 
meats, fish and brown rice. Use natural honey and unrefined sugars for those 
of you with a sweet tooth:)
When you start to reintroduce food types, track the effects. Are there some 
things that negatively affect you? Cut them out full time and you could 
benefit long term. Giving your Colon foods that are less effort to process 
reduces Colonic stress.
Finding foods that are natural, wholesome, high-fibre and low-fat are what 
you should be seeking out.
Be honest with yourself about the effect different foods have on you.
Part 2 to come  Colon Cleanse.
If anyone would like more in depth info, of "How to", Where can I, or just 
want questions answered, please contact me.
I have a mass of info and can get required herbs and equipment easily.

Strength, Power and Honour.

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