[Ibogaine] OT the pool game and our lives!!!

Sara Glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Sat Feb 25 07:17:18 EST 2006

> Great to read some truth from across the water.
> I took it upon myself, 7 months ago to sort myself out. Still not there
> yet^_^, but I can say the same is true here.
> The Drug Council Agencies, just want to shut you down, with Methadone, as
> if
> we where just cattle. I only get FEAR as a feed back now, as I get told
> that, what I am and have done is not medically recommended.
> What really crazes me, is that. Taking Heroin or other such substances, in
> the first place, is not medically recommended, so what is the norm for a
> detox?

to have you take other drugs, you detox. one but you end up taking another
two or three drugs instead.

> We are all individuals, and react differently to many things. Just because
> it is not medically recommended, does that mean that it is not available
> legally. This is a crock of Pony, cos all that we are to the Agencies, are
> numbers. Despised by the general public, because we are "Junkies".
> The general consensus about our plite, is, stay away, don't get involved,
> otherwise you may become contaminated yourself. Like people do not want to
> get there hands dirty.

That's right because those who do help get fucked.

> This is very sad:- A friend of mine who sees the same Agency as me, said
> to
> me. And this really shocked me.  B----- says that "You should really take
> your time in reducing, so that you do not suffer too much, or die." I
> grant
> you, yes, if you are using crazy amounts, then logic would tell you to
> take
> it easy as you came off, but not as they want, "Keep you a slave to
> Methadone for 5-6 years, or until your will has been broken enough to
> believe them when they say, "It doesnt matter that you are on Methadone,
> because you have got a better quality of life now, than when you were
> using
> out of control." I have friends of mine who have been on the damn stuff
> all
> there lives, and now, being of the age and mind, not to attempt to get off
> any more, accept their plight, and believe that all is lost, because the
> doctors tell them it is.
> And that is my point, control. The only thing that the government seems to
> want to do with us is Control us. This I am sure is out of there own FEAR.
> This is all about money. The drug companies will not get involved in a
> substance they can make, relatively cheaply, that would be used maybe only
> twice in a persons life time. There is more of a monopoly in slavery.
> We go to the doctor with pain, and he prescribes Opiate based compounds,
> to
> help alleviate the pain. This works in the short term, but only causes the
> added problem of, "How do you get off them, once you are on them." This
> seems to be just another way of controlling people.
> Back to the FEAR I get from the Agency, when they see what I am doing.
> Taking back control of my own life. They all would be unemployed, if we
> did
> not have a propensity to self medicate. That is the root of the FEAR I
> see.
> They have mortgages to pay, insurance, cars, Tax, wow what a trap.

That's right , just another addiction, Addiction to "Security", the more
$000 the more secure you may feel, or the more you want and become a
workoholic, slave to the money GOD.

> I have even been threatened, that, if I did not take what they told me to,
> then they would drop me.
> Stop the prescription and let me rip.
> Ah Hell!!! After I get this sorted, cos I am too old for this crap. I've a
> good mind to disappear into the outback of nowhere and live my life in
> peace.
> After reading what I just wrote though, I know that, that is something I
> cannot do. I have got to fight in the only way I know, and that is try and
> educate the few. Hopefully the few that are there to listen and try and
> learn, may one day, start there own organizations that are there to help,
> not money monger and enslave.
> Talking of Money mongering and the chemical/drug companies.
> I came across an so called anti-depressant, used to help people stop
> smoking. I believe it to be called Zyban, or Bupropion.
> Have the drug companies done a sneaky, and used such molecules as Ibogaine
> or Noribogaine and such the likes of 18-Methoxycoronaridine in their
> studies. This will have to be looked into.
> I wish you all the best Warren in your quest, and pray that you find what
> you are looking for.

> Strength Power and Honour!!!

>                                            Paul.
>>From: "Warren Theriot" <warrentheriot at comcast.net>
>>Reply-To: ibogaine at mindvox.com
>>To: <ibogaine at mindvox.com>
>>Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] OT the pool game
>>Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 11:12:23 -0800
>>     I'm new to the message board. I was wondering and hoping that there
>> is
>>a Los Angeles group such as in New York. If Dan Beal could be cloned. I
>>read his book! I  have been interested in Ibogaine for about 3 or 4 years
>>now from research on the internet. I have had 2 of my very best friends
>>from hight school die from Heroin related self-inflicted abuse. I found
>> my
>>closest friend dead in his house from a Heroin overdose in 1994. In 1999,
>>another close friend shot himself after several years of heroin and
>>methadone abuse. I have had a chronic pain syndrome accompanied by RLS
>> for
>>20 or so years, the last 15 having used codiene and vicodin to alleviate
>>the discomfort in my legs and feet. The last 3 years have been hell
>> because
>>of stress from lack of sleep, not being able to work because of the
>> stress
>>and chronic pain, barking dogs from incorrigably inconsiderate neighbors.
>>The dopamine spikes have make me so angry that I feel like I'm dying
>>inside. The stress I'm afraid, had rubbed off on my poor dear father who
>>just passed away from a stroke. Rather than making things worse, I have
>>sought a peaceful solution, but until I heard of Ibogaine, I felt totally
>>helpless. Now there is some hope. I am really appaplled by the anti-drug
>>forces at work in this nation and around the world who show such
>> diabolical
>>ignorance bout how the human brain works.
>>     I have studied how drugs work on the body,  brain and mind for
>> years,
>>after I inheriited an old neighbor's medical texts in the '80s. I was
>>originally interested in pshychelics, but after 1987, I felt that bad LSD
>>actually precipitated the RLS and other miserable chronic pain in my
>> legs;
>>I stopped ever trying acid again. I have only taken shrooms a few times
>> as
>>an alternative since then, and I can't for the life of me see how they
>>could possibly be bad to take out in the desert while having fun. My legs
>>were never affected by shrooms. Now I need to get off the codiene once
>> and
>>for all for the overall health of my body and mind. I feel that the
>>dopamine spikes caused by the codiene are making my hatred for having my
>>peace disturbed at all hours of the day or night intolerable. I can't
>> take
>>benzodiazapines for stress relief because I have worn out my brain
>>circuits. I am off those and good riddance. A year ago I spent an
>> agonizing
>>two months in withdrawl trying to get off codiene. I was able to cut back
>>from 240+ mg per day to about 60 to 160 mg for the last year. Now I need
>> to
>>stop completely, but every time I go with out for several days or a week,
>> I
>>get really depressed besides having RLS. I have been taking amino acid
>>suppliments since last may, but they don't make it so I can completely
>> stop
>>taking codiene. I know that excercise will help, but how do you get out
>> of
>>the house to walk and excersise when you are too depressed to get ot of
>> bed
>>or go outside for much of the time?
>>     I read a news story about how Ibogaine is available underground for
>>some lucky people in New York without having to go overseas or to Mexico
>> or
>>Cancun. The problem with this US government system is that it has given
>> in
>>to "privatization" of much of the infrastructure that was once the
>>responsibility of the government. The result has been corporate control
>>over issues that are contolled by the corporate need to "keep the bottom
>>line low". That translates to neglect, abuse and outright disdane for the
>>needy and poor. As I watched my father dying in the hospital, I was
>> deeply
>>distressed by Kaiser's giving up on his rehab after he reached a plateau.
>>Within a week of their stopping intensive therapy he died. It wouldn't
>> have
>>hurt them to continue, but no, they were worried about saving money, not
>>saving my father's life. They did not tell us he was going to die right
>>away. They didn't pay that much attention to his obstructive sleep apnea.
>>Not enought to keep him from getting worse, too late to keep him from
>>having more strokes and dying.
>>     Faith-based organizations are controlled by the bottom line as FEAR
>> of
>>illegal and addicting drugs. Some drugs that are NOT addicting are
>>considered illegal due to CRIMINAL IGNORANCE!  There is no science
>> applied
>>by that standard. So don't expect me to trust in a church or other
>>Judeao-Christian organization to help me solve my problems. Or those of
>>this country or the world. The light that is shown by knowledge and
>> science
>>seems to blind the "blindly"-faithful.  The so-called Love is occluded by
>>the Fear. That is my opinion on this day. I wish that more [Enough to
>> make
>>the difference] people would wake up to the facts of all the research on
>>Ibogaine. I find it disturbing and terribly sad [because of the deaths of
>>my friends] that Ibogaine is not now a US, AMA medically accepted
>> treatment
>>for the addictions caused by opiate use. I have faith that Ibogaine will
>>someday help me to abstain from using addicting pain killers. How much
>> does
>>it cost money-wise?
>>Warren Theriot
>>warrentheriot at comcast.net
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