[Ibogaine] Re: [DrugWar] Sask. scientists test way to reduce lure of addictive drugs

Paul Brookshaw jiggy9 at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Feb 23 20:03:42 EST 2006

Paul writes:

ok sorry people. But that really got to me, when I read that, using Ibogaine 
to exchange one addiction from another. I am into abot seven months of pure 
hell and reading that just got my back ok!
Strenght, Power and Honour, I shall remember to respect.

>From: Don Patton <SuperBee at Tstar.net>
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>Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Re: [DrugWar] Sask. scientists test way to reduce 
>lure of addictive drugs
>Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 11:56:00 -0600
>Wow, I thought I was an ass. Got it all figgered out, do ya? That will be 
>good news here. You might be better served by putting down the pen and 
>bringing valid points to the foreground. You have some valid points, the 
>horse ain't got no ass. Calm down, make your point. We see your fervor. 
>Attacking is not the right approach. You have something to say and we want 
>to hear it. We are not enemies, nor are we stupid. It seems a little odd 
>that you stomp in here and piss all over veterans, founders, creators of 
>this room, to what end? We mean you no harm, this is only a discussion 
>group, and you need to seriously BACK DOWN.
>Paul Brookshaw wrote:
>>Paul writes,
>>Hey Bill,
>>          You are full of crap mate, that's for sure. I have never read 
>>such a pony, full of horse----! in all my life.
>>Firstly any way that can reduce the hellish pain of withdrawal and enable 
>>the addict to experience a greater spiritual awareness, is a tool. You are 
>>a fool to think that, someone with a physical addiction to Opiate based 
>>drugs and other such gateway drugs such as Cocaine, is only changing there 
>>drug of addiction, by taking Ibogaine. Ibogaine is not a gateway drug. 
>>Before you come here and criticize people, who are looking for real help 
>>with their problems, why don't you educate yourself and learn about what 
>>you are talking about. Instead of just spouting out a load of baloney that 
>>you read in a report. Cannabis along with many many other entheogenics, do 
>>not pose a problem of physical withdrawal, such as the likes of Heroin, 
>>Methadone and synthetic Opiates and Cocaine.
>>Psychological addictive properties have been known of any drug that 
>>stimulates the Ventral Tegmental Dopamine Neurons, but non gateway drugs 
>>do not enforce the cycle of a Dopamine release, so therefore are not, 
>>impulse dependant. Morphine and Cocaine like substances induce a Dopamine 
>>release, so are impulse dependant. Once the cycle has been started, the 
>>brain Reward Cascade, has to be constantly recharged, in order for the 
>>enforcing affect of such substances to take place.
>>Seeing as Entheogenic substances do not enforce this cycle, they are 
>>dependant on another process.
>>Pleasure reward of such substances is short lived, so the drug can only be 
>>called psychologically addictive. The effect of such Entheogenics, has but 
>>a short life of possibly 56 hours max. Then the Adrenal glands become 
>>depleted and the Brain Reward Cascade Stops.
>>Any person with a physical dependence problem will tell you that they get 
>>no pleasure from the drugs they need to take each day to operate. This 
>>being the case there is no reward, so the person is taking the drugs for a 
>>different reason than to get pleasure.
>>This my friend, is what you seem to so sorely to misunderstand.
>>Ibogaine and such likes are tools. They should and are used for what they 
>>are meant for.
>>I do not know anyone who would take Ibogaine, just for pleasure.
>>Get your head out of the sand, you Ostrich.
>>How can you say that you are just changing the drug of addiction, when 
>>Ibogaine, would be used as a tool to help prevent self destruction on 
>>drugs, and would be took, maybe 3 or 4 times throughout one persons life. 
>>That is not an addiction.
>>What the hell are you doing here, if you can't see that your own concept 
>>is warped. This being the case, then SOD OFF!!
>>Strength leads to Power, leads to Honour, hence self respect!!!
>>You are some dumb idiot. ha ha ha !!!
>>>From: Run Drugs Out of Town Run <rundrugsoutoftownrun at yahoo.com>
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>>>To: drugwar at mindvox.com, ibogaine at mindvox.com
>>>Subject: [Ibogaine] Re: [DrugWar] Sask. scientists test way to reduce 
>>>lure of addictive drugs
>>>Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 03:39:23 -0800 (PST)
>>>   This is another case of medical arrogance.  It is absurd to treat a 
>>>drug addiction with a drug.  While it may reduce cravings it does nothing 
>>>for behaviors and in effect simply changes the drug of choice in the 
>>>   What makes it even more absurd is that the Brain Reward Cascade found 
>>>in the ventral tegmental area can be corrected with amino acid 
>>>supplementation (food).
>>>   Bill
>>>Preston Peet <ptpeet at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
>>>   and what else I ask are these mad scientists turning off in the brain 
>>>their chemicals and pharmaceuticals? What sort of creativity and 
>>>get "blocked" along with the drug cravings and abusive traights? This 
>>>of thing is utterly insane to my way to looking at the world. Egad.
>>>Peace and love,
>>>Sask. scientists test way to reduce lure of addictive drugs
>>>Last Updated Mon, 13 Feb 2006 16:33:23 EST
>>>CBC News
>>>Researchers in Saskatchewan have discovered a way to block a pathway in 
>>>brain's pleasure receptors that are involved in drug addiction.
>>>The team hopes the findings will lead to a universal therapy that works
>>>regardless of what drug an addict abuses.
>>>Many drugs of abuse exert their rewarding effects on the brain's ventral
>>>tegmental area.
>>>So far, Canadian scientists have found a peptide that appears to block a
>>>signalling pathway in the brain's ventral tegmental area, an area 
>>>by drug abuse.
>>>Psychiatry Prof. Xia Zhang of the University of Saskatchewan and his team
>>>gave nicotine and THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, to laboratory
>>>The lab animals were then treated with the blocking peptide or salt as a
>>>control, and a behavioural test was set up for the rats.
>>>"So the idea is, if they were seeking the rewarding effects of their drug
>>>they were trained that they got the drugs in the white box," said Jamie 
>>>Cleemput, a graduate student and co-author of the study.
>>>"If they were seeking a rewarding effect, they would spend time in the 
>>>box. But if they weren't seeking the rewarding effect they would spend 
>>>time in each box."
>>>The results suggest the peptide reduces the lure of drugs, a finding that
>>>may eventually lead to a new strategy for treating drug addiction in 
>>>Peace and love,
>>>Preston Peet
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>>>mistaken for madness"
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