New Subject: Being Born Addicted to Opiates!!

Paul Brookshaw jiggy9 at
Sat Feb 18 21:40:37 EST 2006

Hello all,
          Reading about Ibogaine and it's properties to enable one to 
connect with genetic ancestry, brought me to wonder this scenario.
Being conceived whilst both parents are addicted to Heroin. The mother not 
giving up the habit, but carries the child right through from conception, 
gestation and birth.
The child is then removed from the mother, has no contact as such with her( 
doesn't live with her or the father at all and only knows the mother before 
precognition, first conscious memory) but lives in care homes and with 
foster parents. The child has what can be described as an average 
Struggles all of there adolescence with a feeling of being different, in 
some way. Leaves home and starts to drink. Then discovers opiates, and 
becomes addicted themselves. Coincidence or is there more to the situation 
than meets the eye.
I would be very interested in, feedback on this predisposition.
Do you feel as I do that the child got a bum start. Is there any research 
been done, studies of families, addicted, parted children, come to same 
Or does the subject require more in-depth study.
I am not saying that all addicts of opiates are born with this 
predisposition, but surely the fact that the mother was using throughout the 
whole gestation period, tends me to sway in the direction that, the child 
would spend the rest of there life looking for something that they could 
only find from opiates. Even though they kept suffering and continuing to be 
self destructive, only cements my argument that the child had a bum start!!!
One other point I would like to add. A lot of mothers are administered, 
opiates, at the birth, to help with the pain. Morphine Epidurals and 
Pethidine and sometimes one or two 10-15mg doses of Methadone. Surely 
because the child is still connected to the mother by the umbilical cord 
they must get, opiates into their systemic system. Not I grant you getting 
them addicted to the drugs, but introducing them to the drug before they 
have the state of mind to make a calculated mature decision whether or not 
to take the opiates or not.
Feedback greatly appreciated.
Strength, Power and Honour!

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