[Ibogaine] eboga and subutex(Not for everyone)!!!

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Hello all health and peace,
                                   Just a quick reply to changing from 
changing over from Morphine, Methadone, Heroin, to Subutex. High dose 
Temgesic, Bupranorphine, if I spelt it right, is a single Ion opiate, and in 
my experience, if you are cut short of your usual dose to keep you from 
being sick, you can take about 6mg-8mg of Subutex to hold the withdrawal 
from getting to heavy. Firstly you must of abstained for at least 24-36 
hours from all opiates, so that you are already experiencing fair 
discomfort. you can then take the above stated dose, but only if you know 
you are going to get your usual fix within the next 48 hours, otherwise it 
is best to abstain from opiates for 24 hours and then take a small dose of 
Subutex on the first day, no more than 2mg. This has an agonist/antaganist 
afferct and will step you well into withdrawal. Twenty Four hours later you 
can slowly dose yourself with Subutex up to about 16 mg a day in stepped 
doses for four days and then drop the dose by 2-4mg every day, untill you 
level out at 8mg. Not for long use like Methadone, usually used to step 
detox. I was on Subutex for a year, I lost nearly 2 stone in weight and in 
the end, because of Bupranorphines long life i didn't use to take it for up 
to 3 or 4 days at a time, but i spent my days looking for Benzos. Diazapam 
and Nitrazapam, just to bring my head down. The drug made reality very harsh 
and synthetic like artificial. I definitaly could not stay on the stuff as 
my matabalism went through the roof. It will half your tolerance in four to 
five days, but if you want to change over to Subutex, be prepared to eat 
yourself out of house and home and find it very difficult to stay warm for a 
very long time. Slow metabalizers seem to react better though, due to the 
drugs long half life.
One quick point about the posts i keep reading about Benzodiazapines. Only 
my experience though.
Addiction to diazapam can be tackled without to much problems. People always 
worry about fitting. No matter what dose you are on, abusive or so called 
theraputic. Be real posative about what you want to do and what your aim is. 
Attitude is important. Cutting down firstly can be achieved by just dropping 
the dose in half. You will experience a mass floud of emotions, for about 
five days then you will level out. Most of what you are feeling is, usless 
fired Adrenaline. When you understand this, you realise the feelings are 
like flight or FEAR. Now back to the attitude. FEAR. concor your own 
feelings, tell yourself you are alright. Right it down if you have to, keep 
this in mind also. We all know that we didn't get addicted straight away so 
we are not going to come down instantly.
FEAR. Feeling Exagorated Appearing Real. They are only feelings Exagorated 
and you believe them. Throw that out and reprogram your heads thinking. The 
unknown is scary but how are we going to learn anything unless we take that 
step. Sorry sidetracked.
After cutting the first dose down by half, four weeks later do it again 
until you are down to 10 mg, then drop 5mg a day and then abstane. Monitor 
yourself for the next two weeks, cos most people really experience 
withdrawal of a physical kind not until day 9 or 10. If you find that your 
head is Zapping and real noisy, take a small dose of Nitrazapam, 2.5 to 5mg. 
You won't need to take very much as of Nitrazapams long life. you won't fit 
off the Valium. Oh!!! Crusual! Do not take the Nitrazapam for more than two 
days, you don't need it. Lots of hot baths and keep yourself bussy and eat. 
Important eat!! Get a blender and get used again to eating. If you are like 
me , after many years of abuse you haven't got much left to run on. Anyway 
unless you want to pass out, your body will tell you what you need. Be 
greedy^-^. The food and the act of eating will keep you warm and your mind 
off how rough you think you are. Think,. Thought, thought he had a bysicle, 
but he only had a front wheel.
Its all a learning process. Coming from me that is, that's a good one.
If you have got a good Benzos jones you can turn the detox into one big 
trip. The energy that you are feeling being released is only natural, as, 
its like all the experiences and feelings from your past have been waiting 
to desimulate, like a train pulling into the station, and all the passangers 
getting off all at the same time, and trying to go through the turn style. 
Remember your feelings at this time are like all those people getting off 
the train and trying to go through one turnstyle all at the same time. Take 
control. You control the traffic. Don't let your imaginary feelings mask 
your real.
We are good at building prisons and then getting trapped in them.
Wow and I said that was going to be a short post^-^.
                                      It's all out there if only we knew 
where to look, it's a jungle out there,
take care, tread with pre-thought and maintain your focus on what you are 
realy trying to achieve.
                                         Peace and Oneness.
p.s. sorry for the typos!

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>Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] eboga and subutex
>Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 07:26:21 EST
>Hi Preston,
>Interesting reports from Sara's healing domain.
>Peace and all that.
>In a message dated 2/6/06 5:39:51 AM, sara119 at xs4all.nl writes:
> > hi all,
> > I just wanted to chime in for one second on the ibogaine/eboga for
> > treating people on subutex issue. I've now seen Sara treat two young
> > people from Bristol with eboga who were both using Subutex, and they've
> > both now been a week clean, off it completely. They're both sleeping
> > complete nights now, after one week here, slightly less for their
> > treatment time. I am pretty impressed.
> > Sara is not using hydrochloride either, which I knew but didn't really
> > think about. She's using the whole plant extract, which is so much 
> > than the straight up hydrochloride is.
> > I must say though that while my own visit and this couple's visit too 
> > gone very smoothly and without much stress or strain, it may not be that
> > way for everyone. There may be some folk who react differently, who do 
> > have such an easy time with their own getting off subutex (or ms-contin
> > for that matter), but from the very limited experience I've now had with
> > these two, they had no trouble at all.
> > Peace and love to all,
> > Preston
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