[Ibogaine] Indra, HCl, Clean vs. "Dirty" subjective experiences

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> For that matter, what other  
> psychedelics and/or prescription meds have people done prior to  
> ingesting ibogaine, what kind of metabolizer are you, what's the  
> phase of the moon, are you tripping at night or during the afternoon,  
> what's your favorite color...

Purple..................bright neon purple with this white light emitting 
from around the edges................no wait 
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,green............bright neon green with,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wait a minute what was the question?        I 
think that the most profound thing that Patrick says in his post is all the 
variables involved in an Ibogaine treatment. With all the individual flailing 
about that is being done with Ibogaine a lot of data is being lost. What can 
done about it? It really doesn't matter until we can put some kind of control 
standard in place and the same questions are asked of everybody taking an 
Ibogaine treatment.        Love and rockets   Randy
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