Benzene poisoning, chemical exposure and ibo treatments for non addicts (industrial painter)

tink tinkerbell.sarah at
Sat Feb 4 17:28:07 EST 2006

HEY ALL!! I just finished watching "Rites of Passage" with my good
friend Deb, and she has some questions that I have NO way to answer. 
Anyone know anything about the following?

Tink's friend Deb here.
Just finished watching the Ibo documentary and as I was, it struck me
that this may work for a chemical imbalance-benzine poisoning three
years ago. It was from anaesthesia and left me chemically burning for
9 months, then another 6 of amennorhea, then a final 7 as the estrogen
in my body came back to normal levels (benzene is a known estrogen
supressor in mammals). Total hormonal/toxic reaction. This weekend is
the third anniversary of the surgery, and it's still kicking my ass in
the mental department. Would this be something that ibogaine address?
There are still the chemical exposure - I'm still housepainting, still
using the same substances - it's my work. Now however, I have a raft
of secondary chemical sensitivities and it doesn't take much to
destabilize my emotional state.

Tink here- I'll fwd any info to her, unless(or until) she subscribes
to the list.
Thank you all as usual

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