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> The reason it's advisable to wait so long is, as you say, the 
> serotnergic effects of effexor can last up to 14 days after stopping it. 
> Mixing ibogaine and an SSRI like effexor can result in what's called 
> serotonin syndrome. Basically, having too much serotonin. The effects of 
> serotonin syndrome include drowsiness, disorientation, clumsiness, 
> dizziness, sweating, seizures, coma, and death

Jon, thanx for saying so eloquently what I could not get to come from my 
keyboard. I will from now on point at you and go..........................see? 
What he said. LOL really tho dude, you are good at explaining things in a non 
confusing manner. I, on the other hand pound around the shrubbery, or beat around 
the bush, or just screw around so much that what I write comes out like it's 
written in olde English or sumpthin" Thanx for helping us out.    Randy        
    "Any Day Now, The Year Of The Diamond  Dog"   (David Bowie)
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