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Sun Dec 31 06:30:57 EST 2006

There went the hyperbole again. It's just there is a  bad combination  
of overzealousness mixed with fear and ignorance that it boggles the  
mind. . Still there is time to make changes for the better. and if  
congress would make laws that were consistant with a philosophy of  
more being more attuned to helping society as a whole to be able to  
get along on a level playing field. That's not what we are getting  
for quite a while. It causes cognitive dissonance.
Peace and Happy New Year,

On Dec 31, 2006, at 1:26 AM, wleetheriot wrote:

> He could not have possibly smoked it in the car as he would be out  
> it in 30 seconds. Did they find a pipe? or anything in the car. If  
> he smoked it outside the car, he would be out of touch completely  
> before he got in, start it and drive off.  Meanwhile South Dakota,  
> a venerable lighthouse of political thinking has a law that if you  
> are arrested for anything and they give you a dope test and it  
> comes up positive for any controlled substance, then you are guilty  
> of POSSESSION by the fact that your blood "possesses" the  
> controlled substance. That makes one inellegible for a long time or  
> life for any government assistance. They just throw people's lives  
> away like so much garbage the DOJ. Lying that they are doing us  
> good. Welcome to Gladiator School, new convict...
> Peace,
> Warren
> On Dec 31, 2006, at 12:30 AM, Nyc Alberts wrote:
>> There are several ways to look at this, but first, man is that  
>> prosecuting DA spokesman a psycho, and when are these law  
>> enforcement types ever gonna get it through their thick skulls  
>> that they're not doctors and don't know jack about medicine,  
>> medication and the processes of the human brain, and that they  
>> need to do their jobs and leave shit like this to the experts that  
>> are qualified to handle it and know what they're talking about?
>> Major pet peeve of mine.
>> And is there a follow-up to this? I'd like to know what happened  
>> to the guy. Google is proving to be useless.
>> Now, given the absolutely debilitating nature of the 10 minute or  
>> so DMT experience, it strains the credulity that any experienced  
>> user would be as irresponsible as that to take that drug while  
>> driving. If the guy is lying, then I actually have to side with  
>> the DA on this one, throw the book at the guy for being stupid,  
>> somebody could have easily gotten killed.
>> But I don't think he's lying.
>> I mean where in the world would a 57 year old HS teacher even  
>> begin to know where to look to score this drug? It's not like it's  
>> being sold on the street next to the crack and heroin these days,  
>> or at any time I've ever heard of, unless of course he's gay and  
>> got it from a club, which is the last I've heard where anybody can  
>> get there hands on it in public, (but I didn't see that he lived  
>> anywhere near SF's Castro District in this story), where I hear  
>> it's now going for $350 a gram.
>> I've an AA friend who has expressed an interest in both Ibo and  
>> dmt and I told him with the dmt that I didn't believe that it had  
>> the beneficial effects of ibo, mainly because I found it to be  
>> merely a very sensational experience with not a lot of  
>> introspective depth and all. Sure there are pretty visuals that  
>> put disney and pixar to shame and maybe some fun audio but it  
>> doesn't really go any further than that, at least that's my sense  
>> of it. Then again I was all of 15 when I had my initial exposure,  
>> so lack of life experience may have played a role in that.
>> Oh, and how did the hospital even know to screen for this in their  
>> toxicology report? I find that kind of baffling.
>> As far a the baking soda/crack story goes, if I've got to show ID  
>> now to buy Sudafed over the counter then damn straight this guy  
>> has got a case, I'm just surprised that nobody didn't think of  
>> this sooner, it's a brilliant idea and well overdue. Bet the  
>> manufacturers of Chore Boy brillo are watching this case with avid  
>> interest. :-)
>> ~nyc
>> wleetheriot wrote:
>>> It may be a non-sequitur, but I was reminded of this web page I  
>>> read today:
>>> http://www.newsmutiny.com/pages/Local/NearDeathExperience.htm
>>> Peace,
>>> Warren
>>> On Dec 20, 2006, at 1:09 PM, marko wrote:
>>>> _Summary_: Pro se litigant George Allen Ward is suing Arm &  
>>>> Hammer and its corporate parent, Church & Dwight, for $425  
>>>> million. His theory of liability: *failure to warn*. The company  
>>>> failed to warn him that if he cooked up THEIR PRODUCT, baking  
>>>> soda, with cocaine, he might end up serving a 200-month prison  
>>>> sentence on crack cocaine charges.
>>>> Ward argues that Arm & Hammer should add one of these warnings  
>>>> to boxes of baking soda:
>>>>     "The use of this product with illegal drugs is punishable by  
>>>> law
>>>>     and is prohibited."
>>>>     "The use of this product with illegal drugs is punishable by
>>>>     enhanced penalties by the laws of the United States of  
>>>> America."
>>>> This is just the beginning; the whole complaint is genius. It's  
>>>> strangely compelling, and it gets better with every page. Also,  
>>>> we think it might fly in the Ninth Circuit.
>>>> http://www.abovethelaw.com/2006/12/ 
>>>> the_fine_line_separating_pro_s.php
>>>> Hi EveryBody,
>>>> is there anyone having enough resources (time, money,  
>>>> nerves....) to sue US of A for not allowing a working anti- 
>>>> addiction medicine to be used?
>>>> ;-)
>>>> Marko
>> -- 
>> "There aren't a lot of things in this world that one can be sure  
>> of, but I do know this; anytime you go by a House of Worship, of  
>> any size, and of any denomination, that's filled to its rafters  
>> with people, you can be certain that the vast majority of those  
>> people haven't actually taken the time out to read The Bible, or  
>> whatever ancient, "Sacred Text" that they subscribe to, because if  
>> they had read it, that House of Worship would be nearly empty."
>> ~Nyc Alberts, NYC, October, 2006, Courtesy of a Joel Osteen Mega- 
>> Church sermon
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