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Hi Howard,
I have forwarded your email on and asked him to reply if he can.... 
Hope all is well in the Lotsof household... HairyMissmass and a Happy Noo Yeahhhhhh to you :o)

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Curious what your friend would think should have been done to better prepare for the ibogaine experience?


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Hi listees,
I was supposed to treat this person but for various reasons I was unable to.  Although this turned out ok in the end....it could have turned to custard.  Just emphasises the real need for adequate supervision and preparation.
Anyway..... this is their experience.....

hey kirk
I trust all is well?
How was your xmas?
Yea, I think in hind sight it was for the best you wern't exposed to my demons!
I think I underestemated the power of this process and am still very fragile.
Altho we did it all wrong, (long story) it seems to have worked out for the best and I had a hell of a lot more issues to deal with than a drug habbit.
I was physically struck down to my knees on the second day and i can't tell you what the voices in my head were saying, but being raised a good little catholic boy, well you can imagine.
One very unnerving thing happened to me on the third day when i wrote to you from the library. I was drawn to a book, that just happened to be for recovering addicts, i was sitting in the library looking at it when the strong flashing lights started to pulse. I remember you saying when that happens you ask the questions! So i did. And I started to breath deeply thru my nose and out my mouth uncontrollably louder and louder in the library, I had no control, but could hear voices of concerned people saying is he ok?
Now, this is where it gets really weird. I'm filled with a spirit that pulls  me back towards my house. I feel the cracking of my spine as I'm drawn to stand tall and in the middle of Albany in front of a motor bike rally, police and public I roar and feel 10 feet tall as if I was turning into the incredable hulk!!!!
Then i start uncontrollably bahing like a lost lamb, louder and louder....I was going mad, but had no control over it. When I got home it got wierder and wieder, to the point I was convinced I was the second coming or in a star trek holigram. This is but a small example of what happened to me, because we didn't prepare properly. If my friend didn't come to the rescue, i'm sure i'd be in an asylim by now, as it was, she was considering ringing the cat team several times. I'm not the second coming, scotty hasn't beamed me up, but I'm clean in side and out and loving it. I saw so fucking much...but we all see what we need to see or hear eh?
I have enough stories from the last 3 weeks to keep me painting/writing about for the rest of my days.
Over and out captin Kirk and you can tell scotty not to beam me up just yet!

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