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So with  that being the case, it's looking like in the next couple of years, 
the US  with its endless wars will beggar itself... of course I don't mean 
abject  poverty, but it will be reduced to the economy of a nation no longer able 
to  project significant military force or manipulate international markets, 
no  longer able to sustain the domestic war on drugs or its attendant  
prison-industrial complex.   Government workers and politicians may  have to get real 
jobs.   In short, it would be a nation that would  have to mind its manners a 
bit more, something like the post-imperial  UK.   By some estimates this could 
happen as early as  2012

         I was thinking more along  the lines of 2010, or at least soon after 
Bush leaves. When I look at this  situation logically, (although that is hard 
to do given the present government)  it just stands to reason that there is 
going to have to be a big change. China  and a unified Europe are going to be 
the big players economically, less so South  Korea. Debt is going to dictate 
that the US make some kind of change  diplomatically. In other words we gonna 
have to kiss some ass to stay in the  game. To do this we're going to have to 
substantially downgrade our military and  cut the budget big time. The only way 
that I can see the budget getting cut is  to quit spending stupid money. 
Therefore the war on drugs and all the wasted  money therein will have to go. It's 
just cost effective to just try and help the  people that want help and let 
others make their own choices. End of war.  If we are going to take pride in the 
constitution we need to follow it the  way it was written. The rights of 
people to make choices for themselves, not for  the government to tell us what 
drugs to take, who we can live with and have sex  with. or a myriad of other 
things that piss me off. Think of the money that will  be saved if we quit trying 
to be the worlds police. Think of the money we can  put into the defense of 
the US proper if we aren't all over the world killing  people that those in 
power disagree with. Not to mention we just might quit  pissin' off the Moslem 
factions that have a right to call their own shots. We  could finally have a 
nationalized health care system.......I better stop. I  think yall get my drift, 
don't chee? I just wish this would hurry up and  happen. I can't wait to get 
one odoze M 16 M4 battle rifles that will be surplus  when the military is cut 
and the govmint starts finding ways to raise money. I  can see it 
now........."naaa don't change the selector and sear pin, I'll take  it just the way it is, 
here's ye 300 bucks." He He
      "OOO boy, this is gonna be  great"    (Animal  House)         Randy
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