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that last line should end with ........please me alone for I do not sell, m.d. shop, 
barter, conspire, horde or otherwise knowingly do any illegal act.  I think most on the list try to help others as well as ourselves, within the confines of our particular laws.  Jeeze, I just learned some stuff the other day I never knew was off the charts as things get more complicated.  IMHO none of us condone a death merchant ( as nicotine and alcohol flow legally thru our cities, streets, neighborhoods and families)  i could be shouting in the wilderness or not,  or misspeaking for others.  there are so many inconsistencies in all the conflicting laws of different jurisdictions.
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  No offense, but I hate to take off on any unknown links.  They all lead to Gotham for me,  for some strange reason.  Bad mouse, or is it my trigger finger?  Well,  at least I can shoot with both eyes open.  ron,.......  makes for a wider field of vision.   Too many 12 step meetings today.   Beam me up Cap't,  there's no sign of an intelligent life form down here in da bible belt.  Is an email really sent if no one reads it?  I mean, no I don't know what I mean, I mean , true, electrical signals are sent in some sort of code by an engine and it is received by another engine,  which enables it to be decoded if one has the decoder ring,  but if the ring bearer doesn't read it then has it been sent in the metaphysical sense which doesn't make sense?  Bboy,  will you take point on this
  patrol or has Howard already done it for us?  Whew,  got my x-mas rambling done so it's now time for the heavy weights to take over.  Mission,  get rid of the hole in my arm where all the money goes....accomplished so scrub that,  next step,  be a good person,  can't scrub cuz of da klown,  then try to help someone else....I can do that cuz you guys do it, many for no pecuniary gain.

  I don't think folks get rich being nice to people but that's a jaded view because my shot at wealth on earth is in lottery tickets.. Many ,  many thanks to all who have helped, tried to help me , guide me, made me laff and kept me between the ditches over the years.  I have learned a lot, have a lot to learn and I truly wish i had what many of you have already.  Sorry for offensive posts,  (bad klown), and a generic apology to all for my rants.  Choice, disease, whaddever, however, leave my suffering soul alone and those of my brothers and sisters I've never seen and have seen on this forum.  Chow, ciao, peace, paux, pax and every other sign off applicable for the season.

  I'm locked and loaded (not),  no Roscoe in my waist band (but I do have your back Randy, if ever needed) and appreciate everyone almost tolerating me.. Thank you MINDVOX or whatever this is and whoever put it together as i don't quite know the chain of command...which by the way would be interesting to know if not causing trouble for anyone.  grasshopper

  and DEA, please leave me alone
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               An interesting read about using shrooms to treat Obsessive Compulsion Disorders. I don't know the date of this study but I haven't heard about it, and I'm usually up on this type of thing. http://www.maps.org/research/psilo/azproto.html 
            OOHH  those silly sigh beans
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