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       AAAH yea!! I saw the Tom Tom Club do  that song in Lexington KY, they 
played in between sets of the Talking Heads.  From what I understand they 
opened the Stop Making Sense tour in Lexington  because the drummers grandmother 
was from Paris KY (20 miles from Lex) and she  had never seen him play in this 
killer band he was in. That guitar part is kinda  like the one I came up with 
this mornin'. James made chords like that  famous.
     Give the bridge yall.........Maceo take a  lead

BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com wrote:
>         I hope yall  don't mind. I was just very moved 
> by this happening
>    C minor 7th diminished 9th     Funk Beat
>               Father James......you put the rhythm in my soul
>   Father James ......you  put the funk......in 
> everybody's rock and roll
>     Father James........your  dancin' in my heart
>               Father James........you gave me syncopation that made 
>  my music start
>                 chorus C  A  A   E  A sharp F   C repeat 3 times
>       Father James.......I loved  you
>                   Father James.......I pray for you
>           Father James.......I loved you
>   Father  James.......Tell me what else that I can do
>         Harmonica and sax lead maybe  doubled together
>               Next verse
>       Father James......You taught  us all to be precise
>               Father James......You taught us all that life 'aint  
> always nice
>               Father James.......You gave us all strength and  hope
>                 Father James........You made me feel better when I was 
>  lost in dope
>                 Bridge.......I don't know yet but it's gotta have 
> horns  and it's got to be way cool and in the key of E
>       Next verse a  combination of the 2 previous verse
>           chorus..........bridge....and  then out
>     There has to be a clavinet in between the  guitar part in memory of 
> Billy Preston, maybe some B3 sounding organ  too.               

"There aren't a lot of things in this world that one can be sure of, but I  
do know this; anytime you go by a House of Worship, of any size, and of any  
denomination, that's filled to its rafters with people, you can be certain  that 
the vast majority of those people haven't actually taken the time out to  
read The Bible, or whatever ancient, "Sacred Text" that they subscribe to,  
because if they had read it, that House of Worship would be nearly  empty."
~Nyc Alberts, NYC, October, 2006, Courtesy of a Joel Osteen  Mega-Church 

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