[Ibogaine] [OT] Marijuana is US's biggest cash crop

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Wow didn't realise pot was a Class One over there!!
a friend of mine got busted recently... they were almost apologetic about it... specially cos it was obviously personal use cultivation.......very half hearted search,,,, overlooked things even.,...$400 fine plus court costs.  I saw a doco on Timothy Leary yesturday...... 10 years jail for two joints in the seventies eeekkkk!! 
Things have mellowed ever so slightly here to do with pot.....

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Marijuana is US's biggest cash crop
By Lester Haines
Published Tuesday 19th December 2006 07:51 GMT
A report into illicit marijuana cultivation in the US says it is now
the country's biggest cash crop, having seen a tenfold increase in
production over the last 25 years.

DrugScience.org's Marijuana Production in the United States
(http://www.drugscience.org/bcr/index.html) puts the annual harvest at
10,000 tonnes, worth a cool $35.8bn (£18.4bn). Corn, meanwhile, weighs
in at a mere $23bn, with soybeans marking up $17.6bn and hay a paltry
$12.2bn. Dope is apparently the "biggest cash crop in 12 states",
injecting more into the Georgia economy than peanuts and blowing away
tobacco in North and South Carolina, The Guardian reports.

Unsurprisingly, the main centre for pot production is California, which
supplies $13.8bn worth of weed annually.

The principal cause of the boom seems to be drug cartels moving
cultivation to the US after increased post-9/11 border security closed
traditional smuggling routes from Mexico. They often create plantations
in "remote national park land", The Guardian notes.

The conclusion of DrugScience.org's revealing probe is, according to
author Jon Gettman, that "the war on drugs is not working". He said:
"Illicit marijuana cultivation provides considerable unreported revenue
for growers without corresponding tax obligations to compensate the
public for the social and fiscal costs related to [its] use."

The logical solution is, Gettman says, to legalise the crop - something
which found little favour with the the White House Office of National
Drug Control Policy. He also wants marijuana to be reclassified from
its current status as a Schedule 1 drug, a category which includes
heroin. ®



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