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Melanie Gutierrez gutierrezmelanie at
Sun Dec 17 14:52:27 EST 2006

Wow I came out of surgury on Thursday (uterusless), checked my email.
Couldn't deal with it.  Checked it yesterday and wow like 96, its taken me
two days to get though it all.  Now I'm not every sure where to begin.  So
I'll start with a picture of my adrenaline (for the fans of speed).   Finals
on Monday, passed, 5 more months and I'll be a real nurse RN.
I believe I left off saying "I have never heard anyone say they hated it"
Then there was Chi.  My prayers and blessings are with you 150% that in time
you will get what you need out of the experience.  So many people since have
posted such wonderful things about the negative experience.  Recovery sucks,
change sucks, working on issues sucks, it all hurts.  Please hang in there!
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