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               Ron, man I'll apologize for the way you were treated when you 
got back home even  though Uncle Salty doesn't do a very good job of it. You 
were tellin' Ed that  you didn't get PTSD, well I don't know how you avoided 
it. I was just wondering,  do you think maybe doing all those drugs had anything 
to do with you masking  feeling, and dealing with PTSD? I'm not trying to 
tell you how to feel, I hate  it when somebody does that to me, I'm just trying 
to help my brutha. I feel like  you and I would be very good friends given the 
chance to look each other in the  eye, hell I feel like we're friends without 
ever having seen each other. I'm  sure you have heard this before about PTSD 
and I 'aint trying to play therapist  here but, I know if I were in your shoes 
it would be hard to get over something  like that. I've read every book I 
could get on my hands on about Nam but I  wasn't there, so I can't say that I know 
what you mean or compare it to anything  I've ever experienced. I can say 
that I feel very deeply for veterans and  especially Viet Nam veterans. If I can 
ever do anything to help, you ever need  somebody to talk to, let me know dude.
                   Peace Love and deep  respect                Randy

war's a hoot,  get to try out "big kids"  toys,  release primal urges and 
determine whether one has the kaunas to  have presence of mind under the most 
horrid and frightening circumstances  alive.  I found it best to put all moral, 
philosophical and religious  beliefs aside and just do waste,  if ya know what 
that means.  When  young,  trigger pull is fascinating, bigger stuff awe 
inspiring and one  on one a true test of survival skills. It brought out the klown 
in me.   for hunters,  I always tell my friends,  go where the critters shoot  
back,  don't tell me how dangerous a grizzly  or cape buffalo is  when you 
are carrying a .458 and have armed guides and porters to back  you  up.  Look a 
child with a Kalashnikov in his hand  who is  ready to kill you  for no reason 
other than to watch you die and see how  you react.  Or find a buddy who has 
fouled his pants from fear watching  his friend disintegrate, splashing 
innards all over him and carry him over the  wire to safety while a hundred dudes 
are zipping rounds past you and missing  for no conceivable reason,  only to 
have your team try to waste you when  you come thru because you forgot the 
password.  Man,  what a  rush!  H, oxys, whatever,  can't beat it, numb it or make 
you forget  it. then evolve on a spiritual journey where you learn to pray for 
those that  would cause you harm,  learn verbal judo,  ignore my new friend  
eddie and continue to pray for sobriety.  Kool,  violence is evil,  it is real, 
 it happens for the damnest reasons and it's nice to be able  to say "thank 
god I'm still standing" and I was ,  for a very brief time,  able to do the 
unthinkable and change later. peace, luv, and bouncing  betty's  and C-4 forever. 
 ron,  the  bug

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