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Hi Chi,

I am a bit confused.   What is the upside?   Are you still of methadone?   Is 
you anxiety still reduced? What do you mean by you threw in the towel?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.   

On another point. Any this may be hard to comprehend.   Patients are not a 
fault when a medication, including ibogaine, doesn't work.   A key issue of the 
stigma that surround chemical dependence is blaming the patient.   I know most 
of us do. But, please try to stop doing that.   Just me personally, I think 
it just doesn't serve any real benefit to the person being treated and only 
supports the stigma associated with chemical dependence that is so harmful.


In a message dated 12/11/06 6:28:19 PM, louchichi at writes:

> hey all, i tried it, i hated it and i guess ibos not for me. there was no
> 'happy place' for me, no nice dreamlike state. i gave my carer a couple more
> grey hairs (i warned you id be a bitch :) ). he tried everything to make me
> hang in there but i wasnt having a bar of it. on the upside, ive been off
> methadone since last tuesday and seem to have lost a great deal of the
> anxiety ive carried around since i was a child.
> so that was it for me, i started on wednesday and officially threw in the
> towel on saturday.... chi x

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