[Ibogaine] not for everyone

Matthew Shriver Matt at ITSupport.net
Thu Dec 14 09:46:34 EST 2006

I had four powerful, scary, but from a treatment of addiction perspective,
somewhat mediocre experiences.  Then I had a rocketship into space,
encounter with God, holy fucking shit fantastic experience and I have been
clean ever since.  But since then I have twice done much lower doses, for
treatment of depression and both times, ironically, I had "Aint never ever
doing that shit again!" experiences.  And I say ironically because despite
having had that "Aint never ever doing that shit again!" experience, I did
do it again. So who knows?  Personally I think it's one of those, "The lord
works in mysterious ways" kind of deals.  When capital "S" Spirit is
involved, who are we to say how it should or shouldn't be?  It just is what
it is.  I would be interested to hear from Chi how it looks today with a
little distance from it and like others have mentioned I would be interested
to hear about dosages.

Peace Out love gangstas




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Ah well, perhaps I misread it then.   It wouldn't be the first mistake I
ever made.    Sorry about that.   In general it seems to me like anytime
there's a less than satisfactory outcome, people tend to reach for any
reason except that ibo doesn't work 100% of the time for 100% of people.   

I personally had an overwhelmingly fantastic experience and I want to
recommend it to everyone, but in that recommendation I think it's important
to be honest about the chances of getting that kind of result (as well as
the risks).   

On 12/14/06, Capt Kirk <captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

Absolutely not at all what I was saying..................and Chi I hope you
didnt think that..... 

I didn't mean to come off like that AT ALL.

where did I mention blame or wrong doing just out of interest? or didnt try
hard enough for that matter,,,,,,,,,,,,,

cornfuzzed here.,.....

Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] not for everyone

I don't think it is for any of us to say whether somebody else did it wrong
or didn't try hard enough, etc.   Not everyone responds the same, some
people don't respond at all... it is not honest to blame the patient every
time there's a bad outcome. 

I'm just curious what the dose/doses were.   Maybe there's something to be
learned from that.

On 12/11/06, grasshopper < rwd3 at cox.net <mailto:rwd3 at cox.net> > wrote: 

itz a start of the journey,  not a failure.
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Hi Chi,
A big shame you didn't hang in there matey.....ibo is for you I think you 
had too many preconceptions about what was going to happen.  Maybe you
weren't quite ready...... 
I didn't get a happy place, no nice dreamlike state either........it doesn't
happen that way for everyone. BUT it still is a helluva lot better than 
regular detox.....if you can stick it out.  Don't say never again..... 
tomorrow is another day.
You lost anxiety and spent that amount of time off done??????  Well far out
what else has ever done that for you without being highly addictive or
having nasty side effects....
Maybe next time ay? 
Much love
Kirk xx

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Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] not for everyone

hey all, i tried it, i hated it and i guess ibos not for me. there was no
'happy place' for me, no nice dreamlike state. i gave my carer a couple more

grey hairs (i warned you id be a bitch :) ). he tried everything to make me
hang in there but i wasnt having a bar of it. on the upside, ive been off
methadone since last tuesday and seem to have lost a great deal of the 
anxiety ive carried around since i was a child.
so that was it for me, i started on wednesday and officially threw in the
towel on saturday.... chi x

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