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Thank you, Randy.
I've always loved when I actually find odd spots where I fit in.  And they
are usually odd for sure, I have one sister that knows of all my oddities
(she even knows about the goth chicks).  I hope I don't get this wrong, but
I think its you that your mom reads the list?  I think that's so great! So I
love your story.
So what are you worried about?
Now.... cars, music, sex, drugs, sex....why do they all go together, just
plain and simple were all addicts, endorphins.  They just have *never* come
in a large enough quantity for me lol
I recently bought a 04 mustang GT, my first muscle car, wow.  I love doing
120.  I want to 1/4 mile it before I do any more modifications to it.
OK got alil off track there..... OK I used to see, darkness then colors,
alot of red and purple.  And I would FEEL a white energy, in the solar
plexus, that would then embrace me, kinda warm but not really, just like
your whole everything is being embraced, suspended.  I never got to the
point where I did any astral travel, where I could actually see planets.
That would be awesome though.  I've read tons about it, as well as alot of
other "alternative" stuff.  But it does fit into my wacked out version of
spirituality, but its really wacked out.
For those that are in on this thread, how long ago were your Ibo
treatments?  If I may ask.  Just wondering how fresh they are.  I'm like
already planning, I would have to have someone like just scribing for me, I
would want it all written down.
Yeah that movie really sums up what it is in alot of ways.  Sometimes I feel
like a seedling in the presence of some of the Ibo movement founders.
I seriously am glad I had my posting moment yesterday, I was thinking about
this today.  I (so far) haven't heard about the actual experience and how it
was for each individual.  The movie started to bring to light the tremendous
amount of similarities, yet it is totally individualized for each person.
I've heard about how some people spend alot of time in their childhood, but
all seem to say it takes them through their whole life.  Lee mentioned it
took him through his life twice.  I love that about it, the individuality of
each persons experience, as individual as each of our psyches' I imagine.
Should prolly sign off for now

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>            Mel, you are sooo much one of us. Reading your post made me
> grin and I could use that right about now, I'm kinda worried about
> something. I think everybody hears that buzzing sound right when the Ibo
> kicks in. I did even with the tinitus that I have from all those Marshall
> amps tuned up to 11 I had to put up with, not to mention the gunfire and
> cars coming off the line with uncapped headers. I had a pretty good light
> show too although I didn't see white light like what you describe. I just
> saw lotsoff different colored lights, a lot of purple. Ben (the guy who made
> the film Rite of Passage) used to come on here sometimes. He's a real cool
> individual, I met him at Dana's during an Ibo conference. I wonder if he
> ever took the Ibogaine treatment, he wanted to. You talk about astral
> travel. I took a ride in some kind of spaceship when I did my treatment. It
> was so real, I even felt like I was moving at the speed of light. The
> pictures of earth leaving my field of view from a port hole will never leave
> me. It was incredible. I always say a pygmy was operating the spaceship
> 'cause I was just there for the ride. I wrote a song about all that I saw.
> Good therapy and it rocks, HARD. Since I had my treatment I have read of
> similar experiences from other people, one from a doctor who was doing it
> for spiritual purpose and he even says he saw space from a port hole. They's
> sumpin' to this, these similarities come up a LOT. A LOT!! Follow your path.
> Jeez, now Spaced by Aerosmith is gonna play in my head all day.
>         Peace Love and anti gravity devices        Randy
> Oh YES, leave it to a NZer to sum it all up in one word "dodgey".  That's
> exactly what buying medication in Mexico is like, dodgey, a crap shoot
> unless you chose to be the informed type.
> So in NZ (and elsewhere its legal to posses) how does it work for
> treatment,  are there treatment centers?  I know of the ones mentioned here
> (private people who treat), St. Kitts, and Mexico. AND if I'm being ignorant
> as far as this is a convo better off list, please let me know, thanks.
> On another note, I watched the video "Rite of Passage" on google video
> that someone mentioned here on the group.  Awesome video, I've sent the link
> to my sister and my boyfreind.  I thought It was a nice introduction about
> the uses for Ibo. Although my sis asked if I had started heroin.
> One thing really caught my attention though, one persons description of
> entering the "trip" state was a loud buzzing sound  and an energy (I believe
> he used "white light") starting at his solar plexus and moving outward.  I
> was telling my BF the other day about my experiences with outer and inner
> body experiences, they always started pretty much exactly like the guy in
> the video described.  So has anyone else had similar experiences either on
> or not on Ibo?
> Here's the briefest I could do to explain what I'm talking about:
> I was discussing with him about how they happened when I was younger 13 to
> about 17 years old, and not having people to discuss them with they
> frightened me, at the time it was so frightening that I ended up shutting it
> off, or just out grew it.  He believed that it was all inner or emotional
> pain that caused them.  I believe for sure that's true, yet I believe
> that these "trips" I could go on always enlightened me afterward.  They
> started before drug use started and stayed through sobriety at the age of
> 16.  After sobriety, I began to "try" in a meditative state that I could go
> to on my own, whereas the ones when I was younger would only happen as they
> pleased.  I read book after book, astral travel, looked into different
> religious based theory's.  It got to the point that for awhile anytime I
> laid to sleep, it would start.  I stayed awake for days, then did sleeping
> pills for days, then they went away. My biggest thing was wanting to control
> it, and get from it what I needed, except as in other area's of my life I've
> found through age, maybe control isn't needed.  So...here I am
> powerless...damn AA stuff always comes back
> Mel
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