[Ibogaine] 3 grams and going for it?

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What do you mean by "I never failed to keep going for long"  I  understand, I 
would love to hear more of your story about when you tried it at  home.  I 
live in az, and the mexico clinics i could actually drive  too.  BUT....... 
Huge Butts all over my newness to all of this
The spirital couneling afterward would be VERY important to me.  I'm  going 
to talk to a Psych Dr I know about the Ibo also, he's investigated many  things 
and he informally cares for my psych issues

               Melanie, I did it at home too. I wouldn't have wanted it any 
other way. Butt,  sometimes it's good to get away from your environment, 
depending on your  environment I suppose. 
             Peace  Love and Therapy (God knows I need mine)
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