[Ibogaine] A Shamanic/Ancestral view point on drugs!

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Iboga is  what we call a Mother Plant, she will show you another view of the 
world  that will bring you peace and healing, she will also connect you with 
the  Earth Counsciousness so you will not be so alone anymore, she will do  
things like increase the sense of having part in this world, feeling  welcome 
and more connected.

The Iboga spirit can be talk to like we  talk to another being, ask her help 
and she will give you what you need  (notice how i didn't write what you ask 
or what you want or even what you  think you need)

You put it in such a  way that I couldn't agree more. You've taken some Iboga 
before huh. Take the  root and feel the love is how I put it. Same thing, you 
just are more eloquent  than I am.
      Peace Love and  Solidarity               Randy
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