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ixnay on the take homes.  i'd be on done right now if they would give out take homes from the jump.  only thing kept me off it at a clinic was the thought of standing in line with all the dudes i represented.  so ,  i surreptitiously got it and other feel goods from dr.  feel good cept he couldn't keep up with my habit as my tolerances for everything have grown with my age.  oh man,  that bites,  pumping  a 6 yard shot of oxys in the hole in one poke and being dope sick 4 hrs. later.  ain't no justice which you already know.  ron
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    So my big problem today is the methadone that saved me from a heroin addiction that was surely killing me has now become a ball and chain in other ways. Actually I get confused I wonder how much of my loss of motivation maybe from getting older? still being depressed from what has happened to me? and how much maybe from the depressing effects of being on Methadone for over 10 years. I am afraid also if I ever was able to financially get an Ibo experience. Would I end up depressed because of serotonin and dopamine levels being all fowled up? Does this testimony make me sound like a whiner? I have told my story to only AA people over the years but I am beginning to trust all these faceless people who's[posts I read here in a more convincing way. AA isn't what it used to be and I know I am not either. Ill take any suggestions feed back criticism just know sticks and stones though. Thanks

    PS this is only a small part of the picture but I( guess that goes without saying when one only writes a couple paragraphs..lol
            Damn John, your story sounds a lot like mine. I just didn't find AA until later in life. I sure as hell needed it by the time I was 17 or 18 but instead I got busted for relieving a drugstore of all of it's "stuff" in 77 and got put in a behavior mod residential treatment center that took 3 years to complete. I feel like I was born with depression too. I've been treated for it from the age of 14 on. My Mom will attest to it, she reads the list every day just to be supportive of me. Well.........if ya ask me she's as twisted as all of us here she just never took any drugs and reads the list for a thrill. He He  I took methadone off and on for about 10 years too. From 85 till 93 then again in early 2003 till Sept. 28 2004, I took the test dose at about 5:00 pm then.............................................I'm still trippin'. Naaa really I'm just nuts. There was a bunch and I mean a BUNCH of heroin and oxycontin's along the way when I wasn't on methadone. Alcohol too. I kinda beat the alcohol thing for almost 10 years and after my Ibogaine treatment I have had problems with it again, but I'm working on it and haven't drank since July. I'm taking Wellbutrin now and it really seems to be helping me, at least it feels that way and everyone involved with my recovery and therapy agree's on it too. I made a half hearted stab at therapy after Ibogaine, gave up on it, and it bit me on the ass. But I'm much better now Doc, honest,.............I don't need that shot of thorazine, really, I"ll be better..................O sorry, had a flash back to the psych ward. Anyway, you sound like one of us dude. I don't think your whining and I think you are asking legit questions.
           Ibogaine most definitely affects dopamine and serotonin levels. It's recommended that a person quit taking any SSRI's for the treatment and for a while afterwards the noribogaine in your body kind of takes over for the anti depressants, most people feel great and don't feel like they need any more meds. That's what kicked my ass. I ignored all the good advice to get good therapy and just kind of held my breath. It worked for a while but my depression came back. Ibogaine is miraculous in how it interrupts withdrawal but it won't fix deep seated depression IMHO. I think very highly of the way the treatment helped me with my habit but I needed therapy, lottso therapy. Most addicts do whether they like it or not. Sooo stick around my brutha, might be good for shits and giggles anyway. Speak out when ya feel like it.
                Peace Love and take homes      Randy
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