heard the NPR bit on Dimitri

Dana Beal dana at phantom.com
Sat Dec 2 16:45:20 EST 2006

I just heard the segment on THIS AMERICAN LIFE, and in the middle of  
it they make a big deal about the fact one of the patients didn't  
disclose that he'd done benzos in the two weeks before his  
treatment-- and "could have died," according to the doctor they  
called up in Cancun.

My thought was that some one who's taking a ton of methadone plus  
benzos has a pretty rugged constitution that can certainly handle an  
ibogaine treatment.

I just can't believe the way the risks of taking ibo are so  
consistently exxaggerated by any media that picks up on it. Silly  
ideas about "balance" I guess. They have to genuflect to the fact  
that it's scheduled "I" -- and so must be much more dangerous than  
the legal alternatives, even though three thousand people a year die  
of methadone--compared to maybe 10 deaths in the entire history of  
ibogaine treatments. (And forget about the number who die from the  
drugs they're taking ibo to get off of!)

They're holding hallucinogens to a much higher standard than fentanyl  
and crack!

Don't  you just hate double standards?


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