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Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Mon Aug 21 23:19:41 EDT 2006

 Hey Kirsty,

 Have writeen a few times then deleted as have not known what to say.

 I have been thinking of you and reading all the posts,..your such an 
 girl,..your strength is admirable and sis,...I love you.

 Hey,..the all blacks got lucky,...AGAIN.

 Picking up Tanz today,..I will keep you all posted as to her success.

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> Seems pathology are pathologically pathetic, no results til
> next Friday lol.
> Was also told that the anaesthetist had to keep giving me
> more general to keep me under, really happy I don't remember
> waking up!!! cringe factor.......
> Wonder if the ibo had anything to do with that? Or just
> tolerance from the past?
> Hey Jasen, All Blacks are gonna kick Aussie butt once
> again.... :p
> Where are ya boy? Out country shagging sheep I bet......
> ;o)
> Luff heaps
> Kirk xxxx
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