[Ibogaine] Ibogaine Re: recent news from The Guardian

Warren Lee Theriot wleetheriot at comcast.net
Fri Aug 18 19:56:17 EDT 2006

I wasn't trying to cause distress to anyone regarding that article. I  
wanted to hear some other opinions that would help to debunk this  
negative mythology that is ubiquitous about MJ. I would not put it  
beyond the efforts of the reactionary government of the US and those  
idiots in the White House to come up with just Another  BS story and  
plant it the Guardian. After all it was Bush who said something about  
"catapulting the propaganda" to achieve their purpose: to make  
America and the world it controls fascist. And all the crap coming  
out of W's piehole about Islamo-fascists: that is a PROJECTION the he  
is making, stating his own ideals as faults of a population whose  
belief system is completely opposite of fascism. Corporatism is  
Fascism as defined by Mousilinni in World War 2 Italy. I regard the  
RIAA and
BPI as fascist. What Bush wants for himself is Totalitarianism.  
Democracy my red sore butt. He is just afraid that another religion  
might have more influence on the oil economy than his own. Alcohol is  
still the world's largest drug problem, in my personal opinion. I  
rarely drink anymore, because it makes me feel lousy, not happy.  
Medicinal usage of MJ is OK by me. If it causes insomnia for some  
people, then don't smoke it before bedtime. Drug problems I believe  
arise when the drug of choice becomes a crutch that becomes a  
weakening impediment rather than a compliment to one's state of mind.  
Screw the Flowers of Evil. And after watching the Ibogaine film, I am  
further convinced that Iboga compounds have the potential to treat  
even the troubling behavior and thought patterns that might accompany  
heavy chronic pot usage whilst living in a negative political  
environment. Howard and Dana, you guys Rock!  I think a  state ballot  
intitiative is long over-due to put Ibogaine into the spotlight on  
its healing properties. States Rights! We need State-run Medical  
boards that don't cowtow to the Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA  
in favor of Humanistic, non-shareholder controlled laws of decency  
regarding health treatments. And I am not drinking or smoking  
anything now.

On Aug 18, 2006, at 2:00 PM, edward conn wrote:

> ah, well, yes...erm, you know...er, mmmph, er, em...yes,  
> well...emmmm, indeed.
> Thats a response as influenced by alcohol...emulating a pot smokers  
> reaction..
> Please respond.
> Ed.
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>> Preston, Dana,
>> I thought that this should stir some discussion: http://  
>> www.guardian.co.uk/drugs/Story/0,,1713042,00.html
>> Warren
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