The Tripping Link-Graham Hancock and the Origins of Man

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The Tripping Link-
Graham Hancock and the Origin of Man 
By Preston Peet

Originally Published in High Times Magazine, September, 2006
Posted at August 16, 2006

photo by Santha Faiia

"One very plausible, and for me very persuasive, explanation, in the school of Huxley, James and Hoffman," writes controversial, internationally best selling author Graham Hancock in his new book, Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind (Century, 2005, The Disinformation Company, 2006), "is that there do indeed exist 'separate, freestanding realities'-or 'parallel dimensions' of the kind quantum physics predicts-that vibrate at a different frequency to our own and thus are invisible to us except when we approach them in altered states of consciousness."

Hancock, who currently lives in Bath, England, spent time as a correspondent in Africa before writing his first bestseller, The Sign and the Seal, about the Arc of the Covenant possibly being in Ethiopia. In Fingerprints of the Gods, his best selling book so far, Hancock postulated that there may have been an advanced civilization wiped out around 10,000 years ago, examining in detail evidence from maps, ancient legends and enigmatic ruins. Hancock further explored this idea in works including, but not limited to, Underworld, where he dove on a variety of sites around the world in search of sunken cities and ruins; and Heaven's Mirror, an oversized coffee table book of gorgeous photographs of ancient South American, Egyptian and Cambodian cities that show signs of mysterious astronomical alignments and advanced technological knowledge seemingly beyond what's attributed to the civilizations [alleged to have] originally built these cities. These pursuits lead him to the basic question: When did human beings actually begin behaving as modern humans do? What jump started human beings onto the road to civilization and all its trappings?

In Supernatural, Hancock supposes that 50,000 years ago, the human beings who made the first cave paintings, developed the first religions and learned the secrets of the plant world were genuinely taught by "beings" encountered while under the influence of hallucinogenic [or entheogenic] substances as ibogaine, ayahuasca, mushrooms, DMT and more.

Drawing upon both his own theories and those of other researchers, Hancock makes the case that sacred plants were the catalyst for gnosis and creativity in pre-historic humans. Hancock is curious how archaeologists and researchers today, who've never tried these drugs but call themselves professionals in the field, tell us authoritatively what others are experiencing while under the influence, and whether others' visions are "real" or not. 


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