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I am thinking lots of strong thoughts your direction, and will play some 
music tomorrow during practice with you in mind too.
Much love.

Peace, love and respect,

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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Yeah I understand what you guys are saying,as far as I have researched most 
of the ibo experience goes on inside the head-I am hoping also to be able to 
show others who are seriously interested in doing ibo some of what it is 
like.I may change my mind after the fact as its rather hard watching myself 
on video let alone in such a precious state.I know that the bits of 
treatment on the rites of passage dvd was very helpful in giving me some 
insight.I'm in New Zealand where we have quite a large problem with 
drugs,depression and one of the worst suicide rates in the world.
A huge problem here at the mo is Poppy seed.People waiting to get on the 
methadone,which until recently was a 9 month wait,are buying poppy seeds 
from the supermarket and washing them and drinking the wash.As more people 
are using this the 'state' is getting on to it and making it really hard to 
get hold of.
We so need to have ibo accessable here and since my embarking on it have had 
a lot of interest from my G.P and councillers and all sorts of people.If 
videoing some of my journey can give hope and/or freedom to another than 
it'll be worth it.
P.S Kirk has her op 2morow,She is a strong Grrl but please all send her your 
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