[Ibogaine] masks and void

Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Sep 28 18:07:26 EDT 2005

> Dear Nick
> i also find the Osho-approach cool. i met a number of nice former
> sanyasins at zen groups. one woman, a cheerful american lesbian, had
> been active full-time in poona and oregon for years before she became
> the abbot of a zen school in berlin where i used to practice.
> you are right some buddhists are locked up tight and can´t feel but i
> also met totally different characters there.
> about the whole thing with body, encounter, sexuality, emotional
> release etc. it is nice if you can do that in a therapist setting but
> you also can have that in another surrounding. that is basically what
> youth/underground cultures are about. a lot of people live that stuff
> intensly in their teens and early twens. somehow you never stop to
> struggle with those things in life, don´t you?
> do you seriously think all those non-repression-centered forms of
> therapy like behavioural, systemic, paradox interventions, gestalt etc.
> etc. do not work? practice proves they work very well.
> where you did get the idea that buddhism is about letting your
> conscious deepen until there is pure silence? it´s news to me. anyway i
> don´t care about buddhism, i am not a buddhist. i only like to practice
> zen. the formal part is sitting, bowing, chanting, koan.
> the whole repression thing is a certain system (originally invented by
> freud) to look at things. you can believe in it and work with it but to
> label everyone "repressed & needs therapy" is not good for you. narrows
> your perspective.
> i wrote a number of times here that i saw very dark landscapes on
> ibogaine and that the first 3 major trips were not easy fun all the
> time. Nick, didn´t you have marvelous experiences and a really good
> time on ibogaine, too? it´s really way beyond good and bad isn´t it?
> anyway i am not the only one here who likes it.

Hi Ekki,

OK, sorry, must be confusing you with someone else. I thought someone wrote
recently about only having nice trips. Sorry about that. About repression,
well, I also have a love-hate relationship with the concept. Therapy
likewise. I agree that people get very locked into it, which maybe is
something they need to do for a while, but at some point it's nice to come
out of that room.

I look forward to not struggling with all the issues of our teen years, btw!
Should have spent more time in the disco.


> about heroin it was a dream from my early teens come true. i felt i
> needed to do that and it was cool. especially the withdrawals were
> quite an experience. i discovered new dimensions of suffering. and then
> the desperation and self-doubt when you cannot stop even if you badly
> want to. wow!  luckily there was a happy end with ibogaine.
> i feel for everyone who goes through withdrawals and i also have deep
> respect for everyone who stays clean after being hooked for a few
> years. burroughs called the junky experience "the secret school".
> but anyway i wouldn´t do something so self-centered any more.
> thank you for the discussion so far.
> yours
> ekki
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