[Ibogaine] question and observation

ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Tue Sep 27 06:54:05 EDT 2005

have you ever thought about experimenting with daily very low-dose 
ibogaine self-therapy? it is a big support when stopping/reducing 
cigarettes and also a mood uplifter. after detox it maybe could help to 
deal with pain/medication.

best wishes

Am 27.09.2005 um 05:47 schrieb Preston Peet:

> Hi all, I'd appreciate a little feedback this evening if anyone cares 
> to give some.
>    Almost or about a month ago exactly, I ate a fairly large amount of 
> ibogaine, at least, I've been told it was more than Mash gives her 
> "normal" patients.
>    I was miserable on 2 60 MS-Contins a day the entire week after 
> taking that dose. Now, I'm taking 2 MS-Contin 60s a day because I've 
> managed to leave myself too little, but I've also been taking 
> Wellbutron (to help stop smoking, but didn't take it today, planning 
> on not taking it anymore since it does have serious sexual side 
> effects and the tv commercials specifically warn against taking it 
> with liver problems, which I have) and seem to be doing just fine on 2 
> a day.
>    My question is: How long do people think withdrawals would last if 
> I just got up tomorrow and didn't take the MS-Contin, and just stopped 
> taking it period? It couldn't possibly be as bad as kicking cold 
> turkey over a gram a day of good brown London dope, now could it, or 
> walking away with my last week's take home bottles of methadone in my 
> fridge for almost three years and going through the withdrawals, 
> right? All done without ibogaine, right?
>    The Comment/Other Question: Could taking the ibogaine last time 
> have made me more reved up, causing me much more sleep problems (I 
> also have a few Valiums to help me sleep through the worst of it, I 
> hope- although from past experience they haven't usually helped much) 
> and caused me more trouble with "withdrawals" than had I simply not 
> panicked and taken the ibogaine?
>    Anyway, I plan on rising tomorrow and seeing if I can just fucking 
> kick this shit. I'm SO TIRED. (Where have we heard this before?) I 
> have enough drugs (barely) but that's not the point. I don't always, 
> and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired- and ibogaine hasn't 
> done me anything else that any other treatment modality has done for 
> me really, except give me access to magical realms and cut 
> withdrawals, SOME OF THE TIMES I've taken it.
> Peace and love,
> Preston Peet

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