[Ibogaine] masks and void

ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Mon Sep 26 18:40:03 EDT 2005

Am 26.09.2005 um 21:06 schrieb Nick Sandberg:
> Fair enough. I used to think junkies looked cool when I was in my 
> twenties.
> They seemed kind of implacable in the face of all the lunacy of the 
> world,
> all the sexuality, and all the control. Kind of like they were beating 
> the
> system, invulnerable. Later I found out that heroin was a analgesic, a 
> drug
> which stops you feeling, so actually all that was happening for them 
> was
> that their emotional systems were being turned off. So, I wanted to ask
> you - how do you know you weren't taking the drug for repression? 
> Sounds to
> me like seeking coolness is seeking repression.
> Nick

Yo Nick!
"repression" in the psychological sense means unconscious avoidance of 
facing certain issues. when you use drugs to avoid feelings and you 
know about it then it is a very conscious way of avoidance and thus not 
repression. if it is repression on the other hand it is by definition 
something you do not know. some therapists like to trap their patients 
in a classic catch-22: either you confirm you have repressed material 
or you deny and that is even more the prove for repression =)

the day when i was deciding to use every day i was already on drugs and 
an occasional consumer of H for years. i felt i needed a change and 
heroin worked very well. glad i did it and glad i came across ibogaine.

here is a nice story from india, maybe you already know it. the buddha 
liked to tell it when people came up with "why?":

There was a man who had been hit by a poisoned arrow and was
suffering.  Although his kinsmen and friends urged him to promptly
see a physician, the one who really counted, the man himself, asked:
"Was the person who shot me with the poisoned arrow a Brahman, a
commoner or a manservant?  And what was his name?  Was the
person tall or short?  What was the hue of his skin?  Where does he
live?  I cannot have the arrow extracted until I know these things."
The man furthered  questioned and argued: "As for the bow used for
this poisoned arrow, what kind was it?  What material was the
bowstring made from?  And what about the shaft of the arrow, what
kind of feathers were used?  What about the type of poison?"
While he went on in this way, it is said that the poison coursed
throughout his whole body and the man unfortunately died.


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