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> Am 25.09.2005 um 20:20 schrieb <slowone at hush.ai>:
> > Ekki said that after you peel off the masks, there is nothing. I
> > wonder if this is the truth experienced by people who had
> > inadequate parents. Maybe if parenting was adequate one finds
> > parents (or the same-sex parent) there, or God, or something rather
> > than nothing.
> make god and parents disappear & see what is behind.
> >
> > Adding ibogaine to these dynamics, it is commonly understood that
> > much of what it shows us is translated to symbolic terms in order
> > to achieve some degree of palatability, that many take literally at
> > first and eventually come to different interpretations of. Nick
> > gives an excellent description of this phenomenom here:
> i came to the conclusion that there is no need to interpret anything
> from my visions. the magic cannot be explained. knowledge and
> understanding doesn´t help.
> >    http://www.ibogaine.co.uk/ibogaine6.htm#ten
> quote:
> "Psychologically, the action of ibogaine is always to attempt to bring
> repressed material to light - to make conscious what is unconscious."
> while i consider this a legtimate view it should also be said that the
> whole theory about repressed material is very controversial and much
> debated among psychologists and neurologists. my own experiences with
> ibogaine have been different, the visions were more like free play of
> mind, but not my personal mind. nothing "repressed" came up and anyway
> i was not on heroin because of repressed material.

Hey Ekki,

Might I ask, why were you on heroin?

> > http://www.ibogaine.co.uk/ibogaine6.htm#seven
> quote:
> "With regard to concerns over ibogaine's psychoactivity, it should be
> noted that, unlike LSD, psilocybin, or DMT, ibogaine is not active at
> the serotonin 2 receptor (5HT2), and thus may validly be regarded as
> not being hallucinogenic."
> but ibogaine may be active at 5HT2:
> http://www.ibogaine.org/alkaloids.html#_Toc444360986
> Hofmann wrote more than 30 yrs ago:
> "The disruption of natural functioning of serotonin by LSD was for some
> time regarded as an explanation of its psychic effects. However, it was
> soon shown that even certain derivatives of LSD (compounds in which the
> chemical structure of LSD is slightly modified) that exhibit no
> hallucinogenic properties, inhibit the effects of serotonin just as
> strongly, or yet more strongly, than unaltered LSD. The
> serotonin-blocking effect of LSD thus does not suffice to explain its
> hallucinogenic properties."
> sorry if this is pedantic, but i thought it might be interesting.

Thanks for pointing that out. I'd better change the text. Haven't read that
piece for a few years. If you find any more bits of wrong info please let me


> -ekki
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