[Ibogaine] masks and void

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Mon Sep 26 02:18:49 EDT 2005

Am 25.09.2005 um 20:20 schrieb <slowone at hush.ai>:

> Ekki said that after you peel off the masks, there is nothing. I
> wonder if this is the truth experienced by people who had
> inadequate parents. Maybe if parenting was adequate one finds
> parents (or the same-sex parent) there, or God, or something rather
> than nothing.
make god and parents disappear & see what is behind.
> Adding ibogaine to these dynamics, it is commonly understood that
> much of what it shows us is translated to symbolic terms in order
> to achieve some degree of palatability, that many take literally at
> first and eventually come to different interpretations of. Nick
> gives an excellent description of this phenomenom here:
i came to the conclusion that there is no need to interpret anything 
from my visions. the magic cannot be explained. knowledge and 
understanding doesn´t help.
>    http://www.ibogaine.co.uk/ibogaine6.htm#ten

"Psychologically, the action of ibogaine is always to attempt to bring 
repressed material to light - to make conscious what is unconscious."
while i consider this a legtimate view it should also be said that the 
whole theory about repressed material is very controversial and much 
debated among psychologists and neurologists. my own experiences with 
ibogaine have been different, the visions were more like free play of 
mind, but not my personal mind. nothing "repressed" came up and anyway 
i was not on heroin because of repressed material.

> http://www.ibogaine.co.uk/ibogaine6.htm#seven
"With regard to concerns over ibogaine's psychoactivity, it should be 
noted that, unlike LSD, psilocybin, or DMT, ibogaine is not active at 
the serotonin 2 receptor (5HT2), and thus may validly be regarded as 
not being hallucinogenic."

but ibogaine may be active at 5HT2: 

Hofmann wrote more than 30 yrs ago:
"The disruption of natural functioning of serotonin by LSD was for some 
time regarded as an explanation of its psychic effects. However, it was 
soon shown that even certain derivatives of LSD (compounds in which the 
chemical structure of LSD is slightly modified) that exhibit no 
hallucinogenic properties, inhibit the effects of serotonin just as 
strongly, or yet more strongly, than unaltered LSD. The 
serotonin-blocking effect of LSD thus does not suffice to explain its 
hallucinogenic properties."

sorry if this is pedantic, but i thought it might be interesting.


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